Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception To 12 Weeks

Expecting mothers can join our Pregnancy Academy at different stages. Get ready for birthing with expert guidance and support.

Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy


Learn the 10 pregnancy skills hundreds of dads developed


Learn these skills together and grow together


Experience a Continuity of Self so you move through pregnancy and birth as a skilled woman


Have confidence in your partner’s ability to keep up with your changes

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 I’ve been pregnant 5 times. I should say ‘we’ve’ been pregnant 5 times. It’s always rocky for us as a couple. My husband’s approach has been ‘leave it to her’ … and that’s ME! I want to feel closer to him. I hope this course will help me, help him and help us. I’m not getting pregnant again! ‘ 


“  My husband and I have always been so intimate and we waited for 10 years before trying to get pregnant. Now I’m a bitch, can’t stand his breath or touch. I hate myself and he looks like a stunned mullet. I was desperate to do something and found this course. It’s a balm to the sore heart and mind.”


“Funny thing. I purchased this course for myself. I’m just one of those people who make lists and check off everything. I started and love it. I talked to my partner about it. Surprise, he purchased the Fathers-to-be one! Very neat. Sometimes I do his and he mine so we understand more.’


Mothers-to-be Pregnancy Academy Conception To 12 Weeks Online Content

10 Skills
  • Time Before Pregnancy Mp4
  • Time Before Pregnancy PDF
  • 10 Pregnancy Skills PDF
  • 12 Step Heroine’s Journey PDF
  • Kindness To Your Baby Mp4
  • Kindness To Your Partner Mp4
  • Kindness To Self Mp4
  • Awareness To Your Baby Mp4
  • Awareness To Your Female Partner Mp4
  • Awareness To Your Male Partner Mp4
  • Patience To Your Partner Mp4
  • Patience To Your Baby Mp4
  • Patience To Yourself Mp4
Attention To Details
  • Attention To Detail To Your Baby Mp4
See What Needs To Be Done And Do It
  • What Needs To Be Done To Your Baby Mp4
  • What Needs To Be Done to Your Partner Mp4
  • What Needs To Be Done For Yourself Mp4
Recap Mp4
  • Grow Second Set Of Arms Mp4
  • Grow Second Set Of Eyes Mp4
  • Humor To Partner Mp4
  • Humor To Baby Mp4
  • Humor To Yourself Mp4
  • Delight With Your Partner Mp4
  • Delight To Your Baby Mp4
    • Clarity To Your Baby Mp4

    Recap Last 5 Skills Mp4

    Conclusion Mothers-to-be Mp4