Work better together. Learn Teamwork skills for the both of you.


Knowing how to reduce internal tension even when you feel anxious or fear is a wonderful skill


Learning how to create internal softness even when you are experiencing very intense sensations


Discover how to apply your skills in the NOW and alongside all assessments, monitoring, and procedures

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Funny thing. We had used Birthing Better breathing skills in our first birth. We added the body skills for our second birth. Then we purchased this course for our 3rd birth. Each course is full of useable skills.

Helen and Darren

“I always felt a bit like a third leg in my wife’s birth. I never really got how to help and participate although I was always there for her. This course helped me think differently which resulted in my being more involved.”


“ Well, we had no idea what to expect when we purchased this course. Birth is so subtle and big. This course sort of stuck together all the other skills we were learning. It filled in a lot of my gaps and truly helped my partner.”

Priscilla and Evan

VBAC Course Contents

Welcome Mp4
  • Read Me First PDF
  • Fathers-to-be Mp3
  • Being A Great Birth Coach Mp3
  • How Birth Skills Invest You Mp3
  • Mother-to-be PDF
  • Father-to-be PDF
  • First Pregnancy PDF
  • Introduction Mp4
Type And Place Of Birth Mp4
  • Can Birth Trauma Be Prevented Mp3
  • Hospital Birth PDF
  • Home Birth PDF
  • Birth Center PDF
  • Transfer To Hospital PDF
  • Labor To Vaginal Birth PDF
  • Labor To Cesarean PDF
  • VBAC To Cesarean PDF
  • Planned Cesarean PDF
  • TABS … Birth Trauma PDF
Twos And Threes Mp4
  • Importance Of Self-Learning Mp3
  • Why Lots Of Skills Mp3
  • Three Births PDF
  • Two Birthing Behaviors PDF
  • Your Birth Mp4
  • Two Birth Plans PDF
  • Three Birth Roles PDF
Teamwork And Tension Mp4
  • Building Families With Skills Mp3
  • Childbirth Skills Mp3
  • What About Tension PDF
  • Relaxation PDF
  • Teamwork PDF
  • Four Types Of Tension Mp4
  • Manage Tension And Relaxation Mp4
Pain Mp4
  • Hows And Whys Of Pain PDF
  • Working With Pain PDF
  • Pain Mp3
  • Fathers And Childbirth Pain Mp3
  • Pain Tolerance Tips Mp3
  • Birth Journal Mp3
One More Thing Mp4
  • Practice Does Not Make Perfect Mp3
  • The Internal Work Mp3
  • The Importance Of Practice PDF
  • Illustrations For Internal Work PDF
  • End Of Soft Skills Mp4