Successful VBAC Birth Skills Course


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Successful VBAC Skills Course

  • Add our Fathers Supporting VBAC adjunctive VBAC birth-coaching online class
  • Start from 24 weeks onward to prepare your body. Create space, mobility, openness in your pregnant/birthing body
  • 32 weeks start to prepare your birth canal. Help your cervix dilate for a shorter 1st and 2nd Stage
  • Maintain control even though you’ll have to work hard, and may feel anxious





VBAC Course Testimonials

I tried for a VBAC and failed. Then I discovered  Birthing Better VBAC skills and have had 3 vaginal births. There is no way to explain how Birthing Better skills are unique and better. They helped me understand and control my body.”

Barbara Anne

“I had 3 Cesareans before I discovered these phenomenal VBAC skills and knew instantaneously if I had self-learned these skills before my first birth, all my births would have been natural. I just didn’t know what I know now.”


“ Whatever else you’re doing to get your VBAC, you MUST get these skills, learn them, make them yours, and use them at every single second of your VBAC. I choices I made didn’t hold a candle to knowing how-to birth.”


Successful VBAC Class Contents



Art Of Successful VBAC Mp4

  • Read Me First PDF
  • Introduction Mp3
  • Why Women Want A VBAC Mp3
  • I’m Desperate For A VBAC Mp3
  • Will A VBAC Harm My Baby Mp3
  • Can I Have A VBAC After Multiple C-sections Mp3
  • Why Obs Want Women To Have A VBAC Mp3

Your Individuality Matters Mp4

  • Vaginal Birth After A C-section PDF
  • TABS … Trauma After Birth PDF
  • The Journey Forward To VBAC Success Mp3
  • Best Way To Achieve A VBAC Mp3
  • From Planned VBAC To Unplanned Cesarean  PDF

The Twos And Threes Mp4

  • Two Birthing Behaviors PDF
  • Make Two Birth Plans PDF
  • Three Birth Roles PDF

How To Prepare Pregnant Body Mp4

  • Body Structure Overview PDF
  • Discover Your Bony Pelvis Mp4
  • Work With Your Bony Structure PDF
  • Work With Your Bony Structure Mp4
  • Soft Pelvis PDF
  • Work With Your Soft Pelvis Mp4
  • Body Positions PDF
  • Position Your Birthing Body 2 Mp4


Breathing, Communication, Touch Mp4

  • Sustainable Breathing PDF
  • Directed Breathing PDF
  • Work With Your Breath Mp4
  • Birth Journey Mp3
  • Communication PDF
  • Right Touch PDF
  • Right Touch Mp4
  • Positive/Negative Voice PDF
  • Practice … YES PDF
  • The Importance Of Being Practiced Mp3

Journey Toward Vaginal Part Of Birth Mp4

  • Color-Coded Original Pink Kit PDF
  • Color-Coded Original Pink Kit Mp4
  • 3 Dimensional Object Mp3
  • Pain And You Mp3
  • Hows And Whys Of Pain PDF
  • Working With Pain PDF
  • Tension PDF
  • Four Types Of Tension Mp4
  • Relaxation PDF
  • Manage Tension And Relaxation Mp4
  • Progressing Labor PDF
  • 5 Phases Of Contractions PDF
  • Staying in The NOW PDF

Father And VBAC Mp4

  • Fathers-to-be PDF
  • Exceptional Skilled Birth Coach Mp3
  • How Can I Support A VBAC Mp3
  • My Wife Wants A VBAC And That Scares Me Mp3

If You’re Serious About Your VBAC Birth Become Skilled