Calling All New Zealand NZCOM Midwives

Your Partners can help you more


Our Nelson Charitable Trust, Common Knowledge Trust is inviting 100-150 NZ midwives to participate in a unique 2-year training of the benefits of growing a skilled birthing population for all families, every birth … no matter where the birth takes place, who…

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Calling All New Zealand Expectant Mums And Dads

We love our NZCOM midwives 


By now all of you know New Zealand is the ONLY country in the whole-wide-world with a 24/7 continuity of care Midwifery Partnership.

Our Nelson-based Charitable, Common Knowledge, has worked in New Zealand since 1996 to grow a skilled birthing population for all births…

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Give-A-Little Flyer Fundraising

Great News!

New Zealand College Of Midwives has approved our Trust, Common Knowledge Trust, to insert our flyer into the September Midwifery Journal. That’s exciting.

Our Trust can now reach 3500 NZ midwives and offer 100-150 an opportunity to join a 2-year training that is guaranteed to create positive results very rapidly.


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NZ Midwife 2-Year Training/Childbirth Trends

Understanding Childbirth Trends


This post is for childbirth nerds who have a fascination with childbirth histories.

We are where we are because we’ve done what we’ve done.

Childbirth trends are very new because modernity is very new. Our modern world is very different from our many thousands of diverse traditional…

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NZ Midwife 2-year Training/Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation

Birthing Better is one of many childbirth skills-methods


Birthing Better skills developed in the early 1970s when three skills-based childbirth methods had been well known in the US from the 1950s: Grantly Dick-Read, Lamaze, and Bradley Method. These methods focused on three specific goals:

  • Natural birth
  • Pain-free labour
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NZ Midwife 2-year Training/Past Broke Present

Hindsight leads to foresight


Hindsight is 20/20. We can’t go back in Time and do things differently in the whole childbirth conversation since the 1950s, any more than a woman can replay her birth the next day. However, we can face the reality of the past and change…

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NZ Midwife 2-Year Training

Welcome to the NZ Midwife 2-Year Training!

We’re inviting you and your clients to participate in an exciting adventure!

During this training, we’ll collaboratively explore the benefits of birth skills for both families and for you.

The sign-up form to participate is at the bottom of each page, so you…

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