28 weeks pregnant and you are likely to be in a very comfortable place in pregnancy and just enjoying being where you are. Pregnancy definitely has a ‘bliss period’ and you’re most likely in it now. You or your baby may have health issues affecting your pregnancy and upcoming birth and some women just never have this pleasant period.

You are where you are and at Common Knowledge Trust and Birthing Better skills we want to fill in the gaps and clear up the areas of misinformation that exist. We also want to keep encouraging, educating, informing, pressuring you and hopefully inspiring you to become skilled. We hope you started at 24 weeks pregnant.  According to many thousands of Birthing Better families, this is the best time to start learning these skills.

Birthing Better families want to add at 28 weeks pregnant:

  • What happens if birth starts tomorrow? 

Many Birthing Better families found these skills a day or two before they gave birth. These would be typical comments by mothers and fathers-to-be who stumbled across Birthing Better just as they were about to give birth:

“Thank God we found Birthing Better skills when we did. We totally changed the trajectory of our birth that happened the next day! The two skills we picked out of the many were The Hip Lift and The Sustainable Breathing.”  Bob and Samantha B.

“What a blessing that we found Birthing Better when we did. Thankfully we had 3 full days to learn some of these phenomenal skills. We had a terrible first birth and my wife was terrified of this one. We worked through the Negative/Positive Voice, Teamwork, 5 Phases of Contractions and Staying in the NOW. These simple skills changed our lives’ Jason and Theta C

“We were absolutely devastated that we were going to have a non-laboring Caesarean after 3 wonderful previous births. We were scheduled for the following Monday. A friend gave us a gift access to Birthing Better. We changed our whole attitude. We learned some new skills, practiced the ones we had used, committed to using our skills even as we were driving to hospital. My wife used the skills while alone being prepped and then together we quietly focused on using relaxation, touch and breathing throughout the surgery’. We had a beautiful birth! Jonathan and Clare M

  • Back to you at 28 weeks pregnant

You have lots of time at this point to go through the Birthing Better Complete Birth Skills

Notice the difference between the skills Birthing Better suggests you learn at 28 weeks pregnant compared to What To Expect and Birth Center

We’re not telling you to ignore all the wonderful information in both those pages, we just want you to become more highly skilled than encouraged. Even the skills mentioned in What to Expect for 28 weeks pregnant are hard to find and hidden deep inside more hyperlinks. This tells you that specific birth and birth coaching skills are not particularly regarded as important.

  • Prepare your body as a NUMBER  #1 task at 28 weeks pregnant

Birthing Better is telling you that you have to use skills to prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body and then learn, practice and use the birth and birth-coaching skills to work through your baby’s birth journey.

Here are the resources in LESSON FIVE. Up to this lesson we’ve taken you through all the issues Birthing Better families were dealing with … just like you. Because, like you, we see ourselves as individuals. We aren’t thinking much about our commonality. This lesson brings you into our common body language.

WATCH and READ: A short lesson about the overview of your pregnant and birthing body. After you’ve completed the three Body skill lessons you’ll know heaps more and you’ll feel that knowledge in your bodies … both you as a pregnant woman and partner. Birthing Better skills are amazing. Expect to be wowed and have fun. The original Pink Kit book (Birthing Better was known as Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method) and video segments are color-coded. There are heaps more information and birth stories in the original book.

  • Video: Explanation of color-coded video segments that tie to The Pink Kit eBook – 1:18
  • PDF: Original Pink Kit eBook – 88 pages
  • PDF: Overview of your birthing body structure – 16 pages

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.

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