29 weeks pregnant … so what’s happening with you? If you read the posts on Baby Center and/or What To Expect you’ll keep learning about your baby and body during this week but nothing about the skills you should be learning. These skills are so important. You could go into labor tonight!

I gave birth at 32 weeks pregnant, which is not far away from where you are now. Thankfully,  I had started at 24 weeks pregnant to prepare my body for birth. While I didn’t have heaps of time to practice and refine my skills, in reality labor and delivery honed my ability to deeply use my Birthing Better skills throughout. I had a fabulous birth in some strange hospital in a town I was passing through. I had quite a few medical interventions but none of that stopped me from showing off my excellent skills. I didn’t even have a birth support. Birthing Better skills are that useful and purposeful.

Birthing Better families want to add at 29 weeks pregnant:

Not much happening during this week. If you’ve started with Birthing Better skills then you’ve had some deeper thoughts about how your individuality and our commonality are both at play throughout pregnancy and birth.

You’ve also looked more closely at the ‘type’ of birth you’d like, want, expect and the one you might have instead. You’ve also looked at where you plan on birthing and how to use your skills no matter where you end up giving birth.

In lesson four, you’ve been introduced skills around all the Twos and Threes … Two Birth Plans, (Download your free Birthing Better eBook) Teamwork, 3 Birth Roles. And in lesson five you’ve now been introduced to the Body Skills and the video segment exercises. Just keep working. .

This is the introduction to 29 weeks pregnant LESSON SIX from the Comprehensive Skills

WATCH and READ: Your bony pelvis is a tube that your baby has to move through but it’s not a fixed tube. You’ll learn all the bony pelvis skills that can give your baby more room and space. What’s so neat about Birthing Better skills is that fathers and mothers developed these skills and we share a common human body. Do the skills on your birth-coaching partner first! Most people have no or little experience of moving the bones in their pelvis. Birth is when that knowledge is so important. It’s the only time when a very big object has to come down, through and out of our body.

  • Video: Discover your Bony Pelvis – 16:17
  • Video: Work with your Bony Pelvis –35:14
  • PDF: Bony Structure –44 pages

Notice the emphasis on skills specific to prepare your pelvis You’ll be amazed at how much space you can create inside your body pelvis. The Hip Lift is a hoot to learn with lots of WOWs and Wild and Yup and Oh Goodness. You and your partner will discover the most amazing common body language that demystifies and builds confidence.


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