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At 30 weeks pregnant you will be beginning to move through the very pleasant phase of pregnancy that began about 16-20 weeks pregnant and continues until 32-36 weeks pregnant. Each of us is different so there’s a long variation about the phases. Read what Baby Center and What To Expect has to say about this week. These are both good and very different posts.

I particularly like the Baby Center post and the focus it has on labor. Most of us will labor but only some of us will eventually have a vaginal birth. What makes Online Birthing Classes so terrific are that they are very specific birth preparation skills for EVERY TYPE OF BIRTH.

Birthing Better families want to add at 30 weeks pregnant:

  • Fear of labor

The Baby Center post has a brilliant understanding of the fears of labor. While it’s perfectly ‘normal’ and ‘natural’ that we are afraid of the unknown, birth will always be unknown because there is truth in the old adage: ‘There’s no way to know what your birth will be like’. That means ‘fears’ or ‘anxieties’ about birth (and particularly labor) is absolutely common, understandable and normal.

Here’s the BIG caveat … women will always be much more afraid if they lack birth skills. Fathers-to-be will be infinitely more uncertain of their role, job and task if they lack skills. Birthing Better families carry the same uncertainty about their upcoming birth/labor. However, with skills they feel confident that as their birth unfolds they will cope, manage, deal with, work through and stay on top of and in control of both the internal sensations and external factors.

  • Birth is birth is birth is birth

In other words, you are pregnant and will give birth to your baby. Why should we only be talking about women who will labor given that so many women have a non-laboring cesarean or will end up with an emergency cesarean … listen here

We must talk about all births.

At 30 weeks pregnant we’re now focused on our soft pelvis while at 29 weeks pregnant we focused on the skills for our bony pelvis. These are the resources in LESSON SEVEN

WATCH and READ: Now you get to know about your soft pelvis. Who thinks about that? And where is it? You’re about to learn a whole new set of skills that will make so much sense although you may have to practice these skills more than others because soft tissue is not a part of our body we focus on. You’ll discover the subtle but recognisable ways that you can soften the soft tissue inside your pelvis. Doing so permits your pelvic bones to move as well as assists cervical dilation.

  • Video: Work with your Soft Tissue – 16:42
  • PDF: Self Pelvis – 41 pages

You can see that each week of Birthing Better online course is not burdensome. Learning consistently over the last 16 weeks of pregnancy becomes a comfortable experience that brings confidence and common sense.

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If you think these skills are only for labor then think again. Just because you are going to have a non-laboring cesarean shouldn’t be an excuse that you can’t engage as much as a woman who will labor. This is YOUR baby’s birth! Your body is preparing for labor and to have a vaginal birth just like every other woman. It’s your MIND that knows you won’t. Follow your body, not your mind!

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.

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