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As a father-to-be, you share the same commonality of all pregnant women … now that you’re pregnant your baby will be born.

Pregnancy always ends in some type of birth and birth is unknown until it unfolds. What are your thoughts about the birth of your baby? Are you even thinking about it? Do you just think you should leave The Birth to your pregnant partner? Are you excited, frightened, anxious, ready or just bewildered? But we really want you to think about this. Birth is one of the most significant events in a woman’s life … and certainly your baby’s.

Having a baby will alter your life forever so wake up. You are the father of a child who is about to be born. You will probably be there at the birth. We want you to have the skills to be the very best birth-coach you can be and what your pregnant partner wants of you.

You can shine during your baby’s birth.

Father-to-be skills

Until now most upcoming fathers have felt pretty excluded from an in-depth involvement with pregnancy and childbirth. You might also think: ‘I should leave the care to the experts’ because your baby and pregnant partner are so important. Without a doubt, the care of your baby and pregnant partner will be in the hands of your capable obstetrician or midwife. That begs the question. What are you planning on doing?

Your obstetrician or midwife have their skills. However, the mother-to-be in your life wants YOU there to help her cope with what’s going to happen. AND you’re the baby’s father! Birthing Better fathers want you to have the skills they developed for their own births. Learning birth-coaching skills is not rocket science, not hard to learn, always useful and work well in every type of birth.

Sure, the birthing woman is doing the hard work but she does not want to do this alone. Birthing women expect their partner to know how to help. But who is teaching you? No one!

Childbirth classes

Been to childbirth preparation classes yet? Did you learn the skills? Probably not, although you’ve been given heaps of information. Information is only part of what you need as a father-to-be. You also need practical skills that will work in absolutely whatever birth your baby has.

Were you bored? Did you learn skills to really help at a birth? Do you feel more confident as a birth-coach or do you think you’ll just give your partner ice chips and maybe rub her back?

Birthing Better Online Birthing Classes

Now let’s get to the bottom of reality. You have a big object that’s inside your pregnant partner’s body. That big object has to come out one way or another … labor and vaginal birth or labour and unplanned cesarean or non-laboring Caesarean. No matter the type of birth you get to help your pregnant partner prepare for The Birth.

… start here:

  • Prepare the pregnant body to let out your baby. It’s like an exercise in plumbing besides you share the same body as women so these skills are easy to learn together. You’ll learn skills such as Kate’s Cat, The Hip Lift, Sacral Maneouvre, Sit Bone Spread, Pelvic Clock, Internal Work, and others

… next step

  • Learn birth coaching skills. Giving birth is an activity no different (perhaps a wee bit different) from driving a car on a long journey. The driver has to have learned a complex set of skills, practiced them and then use them at every moment they are driving. Your job is to help the birthing woman use her skills even if the journey is challenging. Learn skills such as: Directed Breathing, Modeling the Breath, Non-verbal communication, Deep touch relaxation, Working in every type of birth, 5 phases of contractions, positions, how to see and hear when to help and how.

Being a skilled birth coaching dad-to-be is truly your first act of responsibility toward your child. Don’t underestimate how good you’ll feel if you actually know what to do to help your birthing partner to give birth.

Besides your birth professionals will praise you again and again. They wish more fathers-to-be knew how to really be a great birth coach.

No other childbirth preparation method was developed by hundreds of dads and moms. You’re going to become educated by other men who have taken this step to really become a very highly competent and skilled birth-coach … every birth!

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.