We receive many orders for the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course from mothers, friends, and grandparents who are purchasing the Birthing Better online birthing classes for a PREGNANCY GIFT. Why would anyone buy an expectant couple birth and birth coaching skills?

The hundreds of families who developed the Birthing Better skills collectively think buying the resource as a baby shower gift is a GREAT IDEA.

Want some testimonials to think about?

One grandmother said:

‘I gave my son the Birthing Better course. Although his dad was at his birth, he really didn’t help me. Oh, how lucky my son is to have these birthing coaching skills. I wish his dad had them when he was born’.

A friend said:

‘My best friend is having her first baby. I had such a terrible birth experience and know she and J… will do so much better than we did. My husband and I decided to step outside the box and get them the Birthing Better course instead of a more conventional baby shower gift. I went through the course before sending them the link. I know they will have a better birth than ours. I envy them’.

Then we received this from a birth professional:

‘I’m purchasing the Birthing Better childbirth preparation course for a couple I’ve been helping to relocate into A … They are refugees and terrified of maternity care in our country where they are alone without family. They speak English well but I just know they’ll feel better about their birth experience.’

Baby’s shower gifts are so PERSONAL! In reality, your baby shower gift explains your relationship to the pregnant mom and her partner.

We know if you’re a casual friend that giving a childbirth skills resource probably feels TOO INTIMATE. However, if you are a family member or dear friend then your feelings about this COMING BIRTH are very different.

Were you thinking of another baby shower gift?

That’s understandable. There are so MANY IDEAS for baby shower gifts, aren’t there? There are meaningful gifts, funny and quirky ones as well as those that will be used up shortly and others will last for months and years.

And expectant parents need so many things. A new baby gobbles up heaps of stuff. Every expectant family is delighted when they get practical and beautiful baby shower gifts.

A baby shower gift comes before The Birth

A Baby Shower is a Welcoming Soon Party. Expecting a baby is exciting for everyone. The mother and father are making a huge change in their lives.

During pregnant woman and man/other are ‘becoming’ a mother and father. That’s the pregnancy phase. In order to ‘being’ a mother and father pregnancy must TRANSITION through The Birth.

Birth is the Great Gateway and is REMEMBERED all the mother and father’s life! The Birth matters and is leaving too many moms and dads feeling disappointed (but delighted), overwhelmed (and glad it’s over) and confused (glad everyone is SAFE).

Most of us want that transition from pregnancy through The Birth to be POSITIVELY TRANSFORMING and not be full of negative feelings for years to come.

Birth is a one-off

No birth can be redone the next day. Every birth has huge personal and relationship implications.

STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX and give the gift of birth and birth coaching skills as a baby shower gift. In other words, shower the mother and father-to-be with a world of SELF-CAPABILITY AND CONFIDENCE.

Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of moms and dads and housed in Common Knowledge Trust