What do all pregnant women share in common? One hundred percent will give birth one way or another. Where a woman births, who is present, the type of birth she has, her feelings and circumstances are unique to her but we all share the same experience. Each birthing woman is doing the activity of birthing her baby.

Birthing Better online birth classes full of skills arose in the early 1970s and developed by hundreds of ordinary fathers and mothers because, like you, want to know what to do. We want to feel in control during birth. We want to know what to do. We want to be assured of the health and well-being of our baby (first) and ourselves next. Every birthing woman will lay down her life for her child!

Birthing Better is all about your birth

Birthing Better skills are about each of our births. We are so focused on our individuality that we barely acknowledge our commonality yet men and women have the same bones, muscles, emotions, and love of feeling skilled.

Your birth will unfold. Birth is the action that moves you from being pregnant to having your baby in your arms. This action is an activity that occurs over time no different from cooking, driving your care, painting a house or getting dressed. You use skills for most tasks in Life!

Birthing Better skills were developed so each of us can learn in the privacy of our own home then use these skills throughout the time-frame of this unique activity you are required to do. No one can birth for you.

Birthing Better skills have been used in tens of thousands of births around the world. They are based on a common and shared universal body language set of skills that absolutely will assist you and your partner to work through this activity with dignity and pride.

How to stay in control

You cannot control your birth. There is no way to know what your birth will be like. Rest assured birth will unfold. Every moment of this activity is full of breathing in and breathing out. Your body is in some posture or position. You are experiencing internal sensations. External factors are all around you. You control YOU! With skills, you can control how you respond at every single moment of this activity you are doing with your baby.

Does this matter? Goodness. How important is your baby’s birth? Do you hope for a better birth or are you will to birth better. A ‘better birth’ relies on others. ‘Birthing better’ requires you to have effective skills.

Having an elective C-section?

You’re still pregnant. Your body is still preparing for labor, contractions, and vaginal birth. Your hormones, emotions, and physiology are all preparing for labor and vaginal birth. Your Mind knows you won’t labor. Your Mind either accepts or rejects your coming elective C-section but it’s your reality.

We’ve been there, done this. And, we totally decided to thoroughly enjoy our pregnancy, prepare for birth, enjoy learning about our pregnant/birthing body, learn the skills, practice them together, and learn the birth and coaching skills.

We then use our birth and coaching skills on way to the hospital, while being prepped, during surgery and with post-operative discomforts.


Every human feels better when they have the right skills for the right job and task … this is for both you as a pregnant woman and your coach/support. You have distinct and equally important jobs/tasks which require good skills that you share in common.

Commit to using your Birthing Better skills at every moment of this activity. Become conscious of the mental choices you make to apply skills … no different than driving a car! You choose at every moment to use all your complex driving skills. You choose! Birth is just less frequent and requires a mental choice to use skills to do through this activity.

Goal? To birth better than you thought you might. To know your birth better than you would have without skills. To know you achieved a positive birth because you used skills to the best of your ability as you did the activity of birthing your baby.

You do NOT need to be perfect. Just perfect your skills and pat yourself on your back.