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Birth: How are you feeling about your coming birth? Confident? Anxious? You’re here because you’re looking for something. That ‘something’ is a good set of birth and birth-coaching skills that show you exactly how to prepare your pregnant body for birth as well as effective and adaptable skills so you feel in control, can cope and manage and work through your baby’s birth journey. 

What you’ll discover is your confident control and capability. You’ll thrive knowing these skills as will your coach/support person. Learn the skills developed equally by mothers and fathers and used in every type of birth without exception.

Hospital Birth

Hospital Birth: You might find yourself in hospital hooked up to everything. As long as you are conscious, you can use your Birthing Better breathing, relaxation, teamwork, internal softening skills. No one will stop you from using your skills or having your birth-coach/support from helping you. They will praise you!

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Easy Birth

Home Birth: A home birth isn’t something that you just ‘choose’, it’s an activity you do in your own home in a safe manner for yourself and baby. Prepare your body so you open up easily for your baby. Learn skills to cope with the natural occurring pain of labor contractions. Your successful home birth supports other homebirthing families and the midwives who attend you.

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Birth Skills Are Social

Birth Center: In your country this might be a Primary Birthing Unit. You fit the bill … low risk in your pregnancy and birth. With your Birthing Better skills well learned during pregnancy and used in your labour, you are more likely to birth without transferring. Yet, if you do transfer for necesssary medical reasons you’ll have the same wonderful Birthing Better skills to continue to birth your baby.

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Birth-Coach Skills And Medical Care

VBAC: Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of fathers and mothers when women were just trying to achieve a VBAC (vaginal birth after a previous Caesarean). We developed skills to prepare our body to open up so we’d birth effectively. We developed birth and birth-coaching skills so we could cope with the natural occurring pain of contractions. We had successful VBACs.

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Elective Caesarean birth

Elective Caesarean: When families developed all the Birthing Better skills, we did so to have the skills to birth our babies no matter we birth, who is present or what type of birth. For those of us who have an elective Caesarean, we love preparing our body for birth then learning and using birth and birth-coaching skills on the way to hospital, while prepped and during our baby’s birth surgerical delivery.

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35 weeks pregnant

Extras-Birth: So many aspects of every birth. Get some of your questions answered. We all have special circumstances in pregnancy and during our baby’s birth. Birthing Better skills were developed by fathers and mothers for their special circumstances. We have you covered and you’ll have great skills to birth your baby regardless and inclusive of your special circumstances.

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The VBAC secret is OUT! No VBAC support group or website is advising you to become skilled! Birthing Better stands out for focusing entirely on the skills you should learn in pregnancy and use in birth.

Planned Natural Hospital Birth

Birthing Better families will be frank with you. When you birth in hospital you will have the ‘standards of care’ associated to your hospital. We used our brilliant Birthing Better skills alongside whatever.

Birth Satisfaction

Birthing Better families are throwing down the gauntlet. We guarantee that you will have huge birth satisfaction if you learn these skills, practice so you ‘own’ them then use them no matter the circumstances.

Email us and speak to Professionals for personal advice and guidance.

Discover all about pregnancy, birth, being a parent and raising a child.

Birth Blog birthingbetter Online Birthing Course

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