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There will be childbirth assessments, monitoring and procedures (interventions) when you birth at a Birth Centre. You might not like them any better than if they were done in a hospital. Childbirth assessments might happen. You need birth skills to cope with them if they are unpleasant. As a birthing mother-to-be, you’ll also want your birth partner to have their birth coaching skills to help you cope.

And if you must transfer to a hospital where more childbirth interventions will be done, you’ll still have your skills. These same childbirth skills will be most valuable when you’re having labour pains as well.

Women giving birth want to stay on top of the pain of labor contractions. If you think choosing a Birth Center will reduce the pain that’s not accurate. The Birth Center is a place. How you cope, manage and deal with labor pains is all about what you ‘do.’

No childbirth assessment, monitoring or procedure need to prevent you from using your practiced birth skills. Your Birth Center midwives will love that you work with them when they need to do childbirth assessments, monitoring or procedures.

‘What was I thinking? I believed the VEs my midwives said they might do at the Birth Center would hurt less than in the hospital. That’s when I realized I hadn’t done enough internal work. Next time.’

Janine B …

Arm yourself with wonderful birth and birth coaching skills. Be one of the Birth Centre families that continue to bring positive Birthing Better births to Birth Centers where childbirth assessments, monitoring, and procedures will still happen.

Birthing Better online birthing classes were previously known as Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method®. It’s now presented in online lessons.

Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of moms and dads and used in every type of birth. These skills are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.