Transferring to a hospital from a Birth Center is the last thing you want even when it’s necessary. While a Birth Centre should be available to all pregnant mothers there are very few and every Birth Center has strict criteria. There is an assumption that low-risk pregnant women who will have a low risk, normal birth. Birth Centre birth is very important to you and you want to have a success birth.

If you’ve been assessed as low-risk and eligible to have a Birth Centre birth, you want to achieve that and not transfer to hospital.

There are three major reasons why women transfer from a Birth Center in labour

  • A major problem requires greater medical care.
  • Labour doesn’t progress.
  • Women don’t cope well with the natural occurring pain of contractions and over time, going to the hospital for pain relief becomes the choice.

How is it possible to have a positive birth after transferring to hospital from your Birth Centre?

Simple, you’ll take another breath and your body is in some posture or position so at every moment you can direct your breath and consciously relax inside your body. When you have the birthing skills and coaching skills to use each inhalation and exhalation effectively and continue to soften inside your body then you’ll remain connected to the process of giving birth regardless of all other factors AND feel in control.

Can you prevent a transfer to the hospital from your Birth Center?

‘Without The Pink Kit Package skills, I would have transferred to the hospital. The midwives were concerned because I had a big posterior baby and am a small woman. But I stayed open, internally relaxed and able to find positions I knew my baby liked. And more important my husband knew how to work with my pelvis. I had a relatively short labour (10hours).’

Bethany and Neil D…

Your partner will still be your birth coach even if you transfer from Birth Center to hospital.

Get only practical skills that will amaze, inspire and direct you toward your positive birth experience EVEN in the most unexpected transfer to hospital from Birth Center.

Birthing Better online birth classes skills were developed by hundreds of ordinary families. Some were fortunately to birth in a Birth Center and a few of those did transfer to hospital and continued to use their Birthing Better birth and birth-coaching skills. A transfer isn’t what you want but you can still achieve that empowered and positive birth when you use your birth skills.

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s and used in all births. These birth skills are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.