Birth-coach skills and medical care

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Often fathers-to-be become paralyzed when an Obstetrician, Obstetrical Nurse of Certified Nurse Midwife comes into the room to do some form of childbirth assessment, or there is monitoring or need for procedures.

As a birth-coaching fathers-to-be you might feel overwhelmed by being in hospital and all the birth professionals … no one will stop you from using skills!

In fact Obstetricians, Obstetrical Nurses and Certified Nurse Midwives WANT to see you and your birthing partner work together as a birthing team. They will love you, compliment you and love working with you.

They are present at thousands of births. They want more skilled families but the present trend is only a ‘choice-based’ approach to birth. With a skills-based approach you will learn what to ‘do’, when and how.

Let your birth professionals do their job and you, as a father-to-be/other, do your job … be a great birth coach.

Here are all the lessons and skills you’ll get in Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course. Because these skills were developed by hundreds of ordinary fathers and mothers, many of whom used their Birthing Better skills in thousands of hospitals around the world.

Birth professionals want to see more skilled birthing women and birth-coaching skills. They see so few. That may seem like such a funny thing … to learn skills to impress strangers. Those strangers interact with you and how you both behave colors how they treat you.

The more skilled and competent you are the more birth professionals will respect and work with you. The more out of control or disconnected you appear the more likely you will have very little control over anything about your birth.

If the birthing woman appears out of control then birth professionals want to help. That means more medical care. In fact if you’re in a hospital you’ll experience ordinary ‘standards of care’ … all those assessments, monitoring and procedures. These are sometimes called ‘interventions’ by natural birth advocates.

When you have birth skills you’re more likely to cope, manage, deal with, handle, work through and stay on top of the whole experience even when there is medical care.

Check out all the lessons and skills in Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course