Birthing Better dads were the primary motivators for developing a set of practical and effective birth coaching skills. These skills had to work in every single type of birth, with and around birth providers who are most likely be strangers, often in a hospital environment and with and around all types of medical assessments, monitoring and procedures. In other words, Birthing Better skills had better work!

‘I was right there, helping. Helping out with the birth of our son in a very real way. An honor and an experience which will stay with me a lifetime and thanks in no small way to the Pink Kit’.


‘This stuff is so, so easy for guys to understand! Its sort of like plumbing; if the baby gets stuck, just move this bit here and off we go again. Very practical, hands on information. It should be called ‘The Birth Toolkit for Men’

Bob C.

My opinion is simple. If you don’t work with The Pink Kit, you’re a fool’.

Andy W.

‘I was only 16 when I became a dad. I really didn’t get it at first, but once my girl was in labor, it all made sense. We know just how to prepare next time’.


‘We sort of did the internal work, but it was weird to me. My wife had a good labor until she had to push. I could see how tight she was and it hurt her. She tore really, really badly. I know that if we hadn’t done the little we did, that the tear would have been worse. Next time! It took her weeks to recover and having sex hurt for months.’

Bobby M.

‘My first wife and I separated after 7 years and 2 kids. Her births were hard and I wasn’t much use. Looking back, those experiences drove us apart. I knew she was disappointed with me, but I didn’t know anything. When my present wife got pregnant and she wanted me to be involved I had to think really hard about my sense of shame. She showed me The Pink Kit and there was no looking back. We had the most amazing birth. I feel angry that there wasn’t information like this before’.

Paul C.

‘I’d have loved to be pregnant and my wife wasn’t so keen. I leaped in and did the work and she was sort of passive. I’ll never really understand that, but she certainly appreciated my interest, even if it was a bit much. Boy, her body was prepared thanks to The Pink Kit. It was fascinating. Her eldest sister had had a terrible birth and her other sister had had a still born. Looking back, I just think she was afraid. Her labor was very quick. We barely got to the hospital. I was trying to settle her down. She just turned to me and said: ‘If you want to catch this baby, you’d better get down there NOW!’ I did and our son just slipped out of her. Boy does that internal work, work. I just felt so blessed’.

Nathan A.

‘All the men in the hospital antenatal classes seemed so bewildered and often talked about feeling left out and unprepared. My wife and I were amazed. I felt just the opposite…prepared and ready to go. We know The Pink Kit made all the difference in our birth. In our class we were the only couple who didn’t use pain relief and 60% had a cesarean’.

Frank C.

Birthing Better was previously known as Birthing Better with The Pink Kit Method® housed in Common Knowledge Trust

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