News travels fast and far particularly in the age of the Internet. We’ve been online since 2000 which is a long-time online. And the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation skills were developed in the early 1970s by hundreds of mothers and fathers. Word spreads and people get in touch. In this case … Someone told someone who told someone.

The person who was ‘told’ by someone happens to be a freelance journalist. Our Trust ( is always delighted when people who have particular skills wants to speak about The Pink Kit (now known as Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation)

Hi there

I’m a freelance writer who compiles the ‘alternative health’ page for Little Treasures magazine and am interested in the pink kit. a friend told me about her great birthing experience as a result of learning about her unique pelvic shape and I’d like to write a small bit on this, with a quote from her. Do you have a phone number I can call to talk to somebody/ a sample you can to be photographed? A comment from you etc. Any info appreciated!

S … New Zealand

A friend is passing on to a friend her birth story and the friend then decides to use her skills to let others know.

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