Prepare for childbirth. It’s that simple. You’re pregnant and you will give birth. Your baby deserves a prepared mother and fathers. How you prepare for the birth of this precious baby is very important. Ask yourself what it means to ‘prepare for birth’? Perhaps by the end of this article you’ll realize that preparing for the birth of your baby is more than you probably have been told or imagined.

There are several parts of how to prepare for childbirth.

  • You can read many of the childbirth books about birthing preparation, preparing for your coming birth.
  • You can take prepared childbirth classes.
  • You can talk to your friends about how the preparation for childbirth that they did and how it worked.

If you’ve given birth before you might be refining how you prepare for birth by increasing your use of childbirth education.

If you’re seeking a natural birth then you’re focused on natural childbirth preparation or drilling down on how to prepare for natural birth

What all pregnant women are faced with is that question … how best to prepare for the birth of their child. We are obsessed in fact. We all want a wonderful birth. By the shear nature of pregnancy only lasting 9 months we are get in a hurry to make decisions as we prepare for giving birth.

Thankfully we’ve all been encouraged to make a Birth Plan. We gather information and make choices. Some of us write detailed Birth Plans while others of us could care less and birth preparation is picking a doctor and doing whatever they say.

What is prepared childbirth?

There’s this phrase out there called ‘prepared childbirth’. What does that mean? Buying a stroller? What to pack to go to hospital? Choosing a midwife for a home birth or obstetrician for your elective Caesarean? Perhaps preparing for birth means making that Birth Plan of what you want/don’t want and how you would like your birth to be?

In reality, prepared childbirth can mean all of those things but we’d like you to consider it means to

  • Learn skills to prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body. What a novel idea!
  • Learn both birth and birth coaching skills so you can work through your baby’s birth journey no matter where you birth, with whom or what is happening to or around you. That’s a novel idea too! Become a skilled birthing mother and skilled coaching dad/other.

Learn from Birthing Better families

  1. One hundred percent of pregnant women will give birth! You will too.
  2. Birth is an activity YOU’LL do … skills help you do it, information helps you plan. That’s right. No matter your choices, you still have to ‘do’ the activity of giving birth.
  3. You want your birth coach to help you. If you’re a solo mom then you definitely want skills. If you have someone coming with you during the birth you want them to help you and participate.
  4. You want a positive birth experience. Everyone wants a positive birth and skills lead the way. You can birth better even if you don’t have a better birth. Think about what birthing better means rather than better birth.
  5. Skills can adapt even when Birth Plans change. Choices are fickle. You might not have any but you can be incredibly skilled. Your choices may change but skills will prevail. You might make lots of choices and only get 20% of what you want … but your skills can be used at any moment so you feel empowered by what you do.

This is what Birthing Better families want you to know. Families wanted something to ‘do’ for themselves. Their baby was important to them and taking control over birth was all about being able to ‘do’ the birth as best as they could.

Why is Birthing Better prepared childbirth different?

The list is LONG:

  • The Birthing Better is the only pregnancy and childbirth preparation system that comes from mothers and fathers like yourself, used for over 40 years in all births.The birth and birth coaching skills are based on our human body which we all share.
  • Birthing Better skills work whether you labor and have a vaginal birth; labor and have an emergency Cesarean or have anon-laboring Cesarean. You can’t guarantee you’ll have a better birth but you can guarantee you’ll birth better when you use your skills to work with your baby’s birthing process.
  • If your labor ends with an emergency Cesarean continue to use your birth skills and birth coaching skills. If you are going to have a non-laboring Cesarean still enjoy preparing your body, use your childbirth skills on way to the hospital, while being prepped and during surgery.
  • Birthing Better is the only pregnancy and childbirth preparation method that does not divide pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy is always the time to prepare your pregnant body for the birth of your baby.

Pregnancy is the time to prepare for childbirth

  • Pregnancy is the time to learn the skills to work with your baby’s process of being born. Your baby is always being born. You are ‘having’ a baby not a ‘vaginal delivery’ or ‘Cesarean’. You can always help his/her process.
  • Taking time to prepare for the birth of your baby brings you closer as a family. Using your childbirth skills together always brings you closer as a family.
  • Birthing Better will not give you ‘information’, discuss Birth Plans or the pros/cons of ‘choice’. Your prenatal classes will give you ‘information’! Get your skills in your Pink Kit Package!
  • Go elsewhere to make Birth Plans about what you want or don’t want. Learn to make a skills-based Birth Plan about how you prepared and the birth skills your obstetrician or midwife will see you use.
  • Don’t be unprepared to work with your baby. Move from becoming a mother and father to being a mother or father as skilled people.
  • A Birthing Better Birth Story is all about ‘what we did’ not ‘what happened.’
  • Learning to give birth and to help at a birth is like driving a car … you learn a complex set of skills, practice to perfect those skills then use them when you drive your car on a journey.
  • Your Birthing Better skills work alongside all medical assessments, monitoring and procedures.
  • Your Birthing Better skills will support your home birth and they can be used if you transfer to hospital.
  • You’ll go into birth feeling confident rather than confused and uncertain.
  • You’ll come out of your birthing experience incredibly proud of yourselves even if you didn’t like the experience or get the birth you wanted.

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.