There is more to giving birth then the Obstetrical model of ‘let’s have a healthy baby and healthy mother at the end’. That’s such an evocative statement. Who can argue with that! We all want a safe birth experience and a good outcome.

Sadly, that statement threatens our whole experience of childbirth because it gives permission to do anything to achieve that even if those things medicalize birth and de-humanize the experience. There is also more to giving birth than the Midwifery Model of Care that promotes the instinctive and natural birth.

Pregnant women have anxiety about birth. Part of that anxiety is that deep emotional fear that something will go wrong. However, there are other parts:

  • Anxious that you won’t cope or manage the experience.
  • Anxious about what will happen to you.

The Pink Kit families that developed this skills-based resource wanted as safe a birth as possible, as positive birth as possible, to have the confidence to face the unknown and to stay on top of and be in control of their baby’s birth no matter what.

Birth Satisfaction experienced by birthing women:

Curious birth satisfaction is not directly related to birth outcomes. It’s related to the journey you take and how you behave, cope, manage, work with and deal with the whole experience. This is why birthing skills are so ESSENTIAL.

Giving birth is a journey through Time. It’s a one-off experience that you cannot replay ever. Giving birth is like both the most challenging and most exhilarating experience. Having skills, using skills and know you are using them is what leaves women with birth satisfaction.

Every birthing woman gets satisfaction from just having the journey end but there’s a deeper reality and that lies in what you ‘do’ more then what ‘happened’ to you.

Birth Satisfaction experienced by birth coaching dads:

Birth satisfaction is also something fathers experience when they absolutely know at the core of their being that they have truly helped their partner cope, manage, deal with and work with the birthing journey.

When a dad-to-be knows that his birthing partner also knows the depth of his successful help then the satisfaction goes even deeper.

This is true of you, as a birth coach, are a friend or relative.

Birth satisfaction is more than just a healthy baby and a healthy mother … because who can argue with that.

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.