There are a series of older blog entries on this website. This is one of them. Remember The Pink Kit Method for Birthing Better is now known as Birthing Better online birth classes Course. We’ve come a long way since our New Zealand charitable Trust, Common Knowledge Trust, starting offering these phenomenal skills online since 2000. We’re not as well known as Lamaze, The Bradley Method, Hypno-birthing or Hypno-babies. However, we will always be the only childbirth preparation, birth and birth-coaching skills developed by ordinary fathers and mothers like yourself. You’ll never have a better Teacher … hundreds and hundreds of families!

Over the next week or two, I’m going to write two types of blogs. ‘What about …’ ones and ‘Yes, but …’ ones. Then I”m going to take a break and let everyone think a bit about all of this.

The Pink Kit Method will become known when there is a socially accepted connection between being pregnant and learning how-to birth as a woman or how to ‘coach’ (or whatever word you use) to help as a man. This seems like common sense but it’s not being done at the present.

This isn’t a political issue. It’s a social value.

If birth is BIG enough then eventually people will seek out birth and coaching skills alongside the information and choices that are commonly presented as ‘childbirth preparation’.

Yes, there are some childbirth systems available that have skills however all these systems are trying to promote ‘natural’ birth. In fact, birth is birth and skills should just be part of the experience. Now you can understand the blogs I’m about to do … ‘What about ….?’

The Pink Kit Method For Birthing Better® without a doubt can become the basis for skills-based birth preparation because they come from what we all share in common.

Every expectant parent can and should enjoy preparing for the birth of their baby. If you’re having a cesarean, your body is still preparing for birth! If you want a ‘natural’ birth you are more likely to achieve that when you are skilled. You enjoy preparing for your birth by buying baby clothes, furniture etc. Enjoy learning the skills you can and will use.

At present, childbirth information and making choices is important and stressed. Why shouldn’t a good set of childbirth skills be as important? They should be! You’ll still breathe and your body will still be in some posture or position.

Don’t just be at your birth like when you sit in the dentist’s chair. Do something for yourself particularly once it gets painful or during the surgery. The ‘things’ you can do for yourself are your skills just like you bring skills to everything else you do in your life. Enjoy learning specific birthing and coaching skills and use them.

Everyone loves to see a woman cope with labour pains well and see a man really know how to help. Everyone wants a family having a surgical delivery to have a positive experience so using your skills during the surgery makes you feel much more involved. This isn’t rocket science. It’s common sense. Birth can be something we ‘do’ not just ‘experience’.

Doing skills throughout the birth leaves one feeling really, really good. And we all want to feel good. Sometimes the whole birth topic seems to be challenging the possibility of feeling good about our births.

Mostly ‘birth topics’ are political. They are what they are. Birth skills are our social currency … what we can do for ourselves no matter what the situation is. That’s why ‘What about …’ becomes such an important topic.

Here are all the skills in the lessons in Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation. Hover and click and see the resources in each lesson.

Birthing Better skills are housed in Common Knowledge Trust