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The larger issues is how birth skills fit into all births. This has been our Trust’s approach. There’s so much to discuss. Some questions are: ‘What do you expect to happen during your baby’s birth?’ ‘What role do think you have during your baby’s birth?’ ‘Who is doing your birth?’ The answers to these questions are simple. You’re pregnant. You will give birth. Giving birth is an activity you have to do. Having skills make any activity better. Using birth and birth skills, you will birth better.

Are expectant parents just too lazy or overwhelmed by the medical profession, too busy or just don’t know anything about birth skills? Mostly, there is absolutely no societal expectation that families become skilled during pregnancy in order to birth your baby no matter where, with whom or what happens to you. If every expectant family knew they needed to learn birth skills then they would!

Birth is

Every birth is composed of a pregnant state-of-being that predisposes itself to preparing for the upcoming labour and delivery. Every birth is then a series of contractions that become more painful or intense. And each contraction is composed of one inhale followed by another … giving us plenty of opportunities to do something for ourselves.

If you’re having an elective C-section then you can still enjoy preparing your body to give birth because your body is planning to labor and have a vaginal birth while your mind is preparing for a surgical birth. Then learn the Birthing Better skills for use on the way to hospital, while being prepped and during the surgery.

This short story comes from a woman who works as a midwife and who strongly insists her clients teach themselves The Pink Kit (Birthing Better) skills. This particular couple’s baby was originally breech and eventually turned. She still had a c/s. They had been in touch with me and committed to learning the skills for whatever eventuated.

Robin. says:

‘An update about C & J. They worked exceptionally & beautifully well as a couple, ended up a c/s, a brow presentation. They are making a very good recovery.’

This is a perfect Pink Kit birth. Even if you have a c/s won’t you want to remember how ‘exceptionally and beautifully well’ you and your partner worked together? Isn’t that what makes the great memories?

J & C made a decision even though their baby was breech to teach themselves these skills. This only made them stronger as a couple. When their baby turned, they then assumed that ‘head down’ was a perfect position!’

How common is a brow presentation? Well, I’ve been told 1-500. We’ve heard of women who have successfully delivered a brow presentation. However, aren’t we glad to live in countries where a medical profession is there to help in such unusual situations?

Without their Pink Kit skills they would still have had a c/s however.  You can bet your bottom dollar that they won’t have had much of a clue how to really work together through their baby’s birth.

Don’t you want a piece of a better birth because of what you can do for yourself?

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