In Jan 2007 we received this email from a woman who ordered a Pink Kit (now known as Birthing Better online birth classes). It’s vitally important that everyone begins to learn this new common body and birth language. This birthing woman discusses her birth in both the old language of birth and her second birth is in the Pink Kit (Birthing Better) language. Her first Birth Story perceives everything differently once she and her husband have their Birthing Better skills. Don’t we want more families to have experiences like this? Of course, we do. We need to get more Birthing Better affiliates.

‘Hi there, I just wanted to send a very belated, yet heartfelt thank you to you all.

I had a manageable 6-hour first stage, followed by a horrendous 6.5-hour second stage with my 1st child. I had been terrified my bowel would fall out if I pushed down ‘that way’, so was terrified when the midwife kept insisting I sit in a birthing chair and felt scared and frustrated when she refused to get a doctor to check if I was fully dilated as I could not tell her definitely if a had ‘ the irresistible urge to push’ or not, I just knew I had to bear down.

Mind you, I was in a ‘family birth center‘, with a locum midwife and no back up due to staff shortages in other areas of the hospital. The result; – moved to the main hospital due to baby’s heart rate being erratic, offered a wheelchair to sit on despite visual of Graces head with each contraction!

Given 4 hours into 2nd stage labour, and finally a very pointy headed angry looking little girl was vacuumed out of me! (sorry still a bit bitter!) If only I had seen the pink kit before then!!!

My second daughter was born 7 months ago. 4 weeks before her birth, I was given the old video and pink kit from a midwife student. By studying the book and watching the video I realized many things I had done to hinder my 1st daughter’s exit from me and how by not relaxing I actually sent my labour backward. I vowed that this time would be different.

Even with the disappointment and fear of having to be induced, given something to get labor going and linked to a heart monitor, I armed myself with the pink kit book to use as a reminder. I used the directed breathing during the first stage and easily managed the contractions (by removing the fear and feeling a part of the journey, I could feel her move down with each contraction, and was not in pain – even enjoyed the process!) The midwife was incredibly supportive and relaxed.

It was not until the second stage (and max levels of oxytocin pumped into me) that the contractions began to hurt. My husband and I had practiced, him holding me and me relaxing by bowel and allowing the baby to pass. I had so many plans about controlling her exit. This was not possible, as soon as I stated to my husband that the baby was in my birth canal and I had to relax, I relaxed and she flew out! 2nd stage was less than 6 minutes. Next time I hope to avoid the inducing and drip and be able to breathe my next child out, without ripping. Lets hope.

I informed everyone of my relative pain-free fast labour thanks to The pink kit and have loaned my copy of the pink kit to a couple of friends. The midwife student has ensured her uni has 3 current dvd copies of the pink kit to help women, and the hospital family birth unit staff, planned to hunt down a copy to have available for their patients. I don’t understand why the directed breathing, relaxation and other information in the book is not told to every expectant mother. It’s not just interesting, it’s imperative, indispensable!!

Thank you again!

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