Our Trust has decided (now that we can offer courses online) to break up our Birthing Better Skills For All Births into the 3 major skill-sets and short courses;

Birthing Better families developed these extensive skills in order to answer these questions:

  • What if ….?
  • What can I do …?
  • What happened …?
  • Is there anything I could have done differently …?

We want all families to have access to all the Birthing Better skills because many thousands of families who have self-learned Birthing Better skills knows this Truth … you never know which skill or combination of these amazing, practical skills you’ll use during your baby’s birth. So we’re dedicated to giving you all the skills in our hallmark Birthing Better Childbirth Skills for All Births and Specific Skills for VBAC.

Think back on your previous births and ask yourself … ‘What were my gaps?’ Did you feel you needed greater body awareness or help to get your baby out of your body? Did your partner need better birth-coaching skills? Did you find that your breathing became stressful?

Imagine forward to your first birth and ask … ‘What am I the most afraid/anxious about?’ Do you feel you’re going into birth with a good set of skills? Is facing the unknown more than a bit daunting? Do you and your partner know you share a great set of skills you’ll both use well? If your birth unfolds in unexpected ways will you have the skills to stay engaged and actively participating?

At the same time, you might only want some of the skills so today we are launching the Birthing Better Body Skills Short Course. By clicking on the image below you can ‘take a tour’  and read the description for all the skills included. We’re excited because short courses give expectant fathers and mothers an opportunity to dive into these remarkable skills in bite-sized chunks.

We know there is absolutely no societal expectation for you and your partner to become skilled to birth your baby no matter where you birth, with whom or what happens. Therefore, you really don’t take skills too seriously. That has to change! You are worthy of becoming skilled to birth your baby. Your partner is quite capable of becoming a wonderful birth-coach no matter the circumstances. Your baby deserves having a skilled mother and father/other.

Keep in mind that we market to pregnant women because we want to target expectant fathers! When men feel confidently skilled during pregnancy and throughout The Birth, they don’t fear their newborn and YOU feel supported.

Remember to do all these skills on your partner (the birth-coach) first. Hook him/other right away with ‘WOW’ I can feel that. It’s so much easier for him to understand your body once he feels the changes in his own.

Start as close to 24 weeks as possible so you can experience these skills in a relaxed manner.

Click on Body Skills For Pregnancy And Birth to ‘take a tour’

Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation online courses are housed in Common Knowledge Trust