Our Nelson Charitable Trust, Common Knowledge Trust is inviting 100-150 NZ midwives to participate in a unique 2-year training of the benefits of growing a skilled birthing population for all families, every birth … no matter where the birth takes place, who is present, the type of birth or what happens to or around the birth.

Our Trust has worked since the mid1990s to strengthen the Partnership from specific, observable actions expectant parents can take to achieve more balance.

NZCOM midwives do a spectacular job. Expectant families can learn how to meet you half way. Our Trust will show you how and guide you throughout the 2 years by giving each midwife 24/7 continuity of care support.

NZ Midwife 2-year training flyer

This is a Tri-fold flyer so use your mental gymnastics to fold or better print it off.

Give-A-Little Fundraising until 10 Sept 2018

Our Trust is asking for donations so we can meet the costs of printing the flyer for insertion into the September 2018 issue of The NZCOM Midwifery Journal.

GIVE-A-LITTLE NZ midwife 2-year training

You give so much

Expectant families can give so much more if they only knew how. Our Trust can’t reach all expectant families. You can teach them how a balanced and strong Partnership works so easily.

We invite you to participate in this 2-year exciting training adventure but first, we need to raise funds to print the flyer.

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NZ Midwife 2-year training

If you have further questions, please contact our Trust via info(AT)birthingbetter.org