So what exactly childbirth education materials are you using? Is Birthing Better online birth classes the only childbirth education program you are researching? Hopefully not. It’s pretty daunting, isn’t it? Have you already checked out Lamaze, The Bradley Method, Active Birth, Hypnobirthing or Hypnobabies? What do you think?

We want you to know about Birthing Better. All the above are excellent childbirth education courses. Some of them are taught in classes and others are resources you learn at home.

So why should you even bother with Birthing Better? As they say “Let me count the ways’.

Birthing Better is totally unique … bragging you say? Yup!

  • It’s the only prepared childbirth education program that was developed by hundreds of families instead of by an obstetrician (Lamaze, Bradley) or Yoga instructor (Active Birth) or by hypnotists (last two).
  • Birthing Better also has the most extensive childbirth education tools ranging from Mapping Your Pelvis to understanding the 5 Phases of Contractions; Teamwork to Deep Touch Relaxation; Hip Lift to the one trick that really works for niggling labors. But those are only a very small sample of Birthing Better skills. The original hundreds of families were no fools. They wanted skills for every type of birth and any situation.
  • Birthing Better is also the only childbirth education material that is totally about birth skills for you and birth coaching skills for your partner/other. You can find lots of information elsewhere but if you want the best and most extensive set of childbirth skills then Birthing Better is for you.

Birthing Better was developed for every type of birth from home alone to non-labouring Caesarean. You’re having a baby not a type of birth!

What should a childbirth education program lead to?

It’s quite simple. Any prepared childbirth education should be useful when you give birth. Too many women take a childbirth education course, go into labor and say: ‘Everything I learned went out of my head”. Well, then those childbirth education tools were useless! Birthing Better is the how-to childbirth skills. The skills are so extensive and adaptable that you’ll be able to choose which ones to use at every single moment and they adapt and adjust to the changeable nature of giving birth.

So enjoy. Get stuck in. Become the first skilled birthing woman among your friends.

Ah, forgot one more thing

Birthing Better is the only childbirth education program that was developed by fathers as well as mothers and presents these childbirth education tools equally from the two roles: giving birth and being an exceptionally skilled birth coach.

Birthing Better skills are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.