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This is the most simple post.

Hi dads-to-be … do you think giving birth is mysterious? Well, it is. Just consider how your sperm got together with your partner’s egg then the cells divided at the speed of light and in 9 months give or take … out comes a baby.

We were all babies and one of them grew up to be you. It’s all sort of mysterious. However, the process of letting a baby come down, through and out of a pregnant body during the birth process is neither rocket science nor mysterious … in fact, it’s a simple exercise in plumbing.

What does that mean? A big object has to come down, through and out of a container. This big object has a head the size of a grapefruit.

With the right birth skills, you prepare the pregnant woman’s body to give birth and let this big object out.

Your role in this is vitally important

You’ve got to help your pregnant partner learn how to open her body throughout the whole process. How’s that possible? Simple … you share the same body. You blink, cough and can tighten up your rectum. When you tighten up your rectum would it be easier or harder for a big 3-dimensional object to come down, through and out your body?

If you learn nothing else from tightening up your rectum and how that hinders an object from coming out, at least you can tell your birthing partner she can’t tighten up her rectum. You’ve got it. You know. Now you need other simple and effective skills to make certain she can remain open. That’s what you’ll get in Birthing Better online birthing classes … skills developed equally by fathers and mothers.

By learning skills, feeling the difference between tension and relaxation then using your skills you demystify the journey your baby will take. Childbirth is an exercise in plumbing. Become a greater plumber’s helper.

All Birthing Better skills were created by hundreds of dads and moms and housed in Common Knowledge Trust. These birth and birth-coaching skills are available to you in online birthing classes.