Hey everyone. This is an introduction for expectant dads.

A profound change immediately starts at conception, moves through the 5 phases of pregnancy, and ends at “the birth”. Men are forever changed once he has impregnated a woman. Our Trust, Common Knowledge, wants to share with you the pregnancy skills hundreds of fathers developed.

Here’s the short history of these skills for all dads-to-be to learn and use from conception (becoming a father) to birth (being a father)

In the 1970s, hundreds of ordinary parents developed all the Birthing Better birth stories. While most families are familiar with childbirth preparation, education, and/or information books and classes that introduce some birth skills, there are almost no skills taught to dads-to-be throughout pregnancy. In fact, if you search on the internet for pregnancy and dads, you’ll find a lot of information. However, no one focuses on the skills you need to grow within yourself from conception to birth. Birthing Better families wanted to move backward from “the birth” and know how to get sorted as a growing family throughout pregnancy.

Our New Zealand charitable trust dedicates this series to all the dads who helped develop these skills. For all our husbands, partners, brothers, nephews, sons and grandsons.

Difference between mums-to-be and dads-to-be

As a dad-to-be, you need to use your pregnancy as a time to grow through these 3 phases from being a ‘man’ to becoming a father than to being a ‘father’. This is true for women as well. Pregnancy is the transition time and “the birth” is the very specific gateway through which both of you must pass in order to ‘parent’.

The difference between women and men is highlighted as soon as conception occurs. Your baby is biologically mandated to grow. So, this internal growth inside a woman pulls and pushes her into her own growth. However, Men must CHOOSE to grow. Or they usually get left behind to play catch-up after “the birth”, and often feel incompetent.

Men and Women are both human beings who thrive on being skilled. Women become more skilled through the biological mandate occurring inside her. Some Women grow better skills than others. Some Women are taught skills by their Mothers and others. Many Women are left to grow on their own. Please do not assume that Women know how to pregnant or how to birth. She’s learning by mandate. You’re learning by choice.

We are going to share with you the skills that you must, should, could, might choose to develop from conception through the 5 phases of pregnancy to “the birth”. Thankfully, the skills are the same for all the phases of pregnancy. You only have to use them differently. In other words, you mature these skills.

Your bottom line

Growing your skills throughout pregnancy is not rocket science. From this introduction onwards, it will become common sense once you learn them.


Once you get to 24 weeks, you need to learn very practical skills to prepare for “the birth” as well as birth-coaching skills. We want you to know where we’re headed.

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.