Cure for this virus? Vaccine for this virus? Closing down our economies and societies for this virus? We need to think simple, easy, teachable, doable, sustainable and sensible. 

Do immediately as soon as you notice ANY of these symptoms then gargle with warm, slightly salty water at least 3x/day:

    • fatigue
  • feeling sore or raw inside back of nose and throat
  • dry cough
  • fever
  • itching eyes/ears
  • shortness of breath.

Your #1 JOB is to cut down on the viral load in your body so you don’t get sick or sicker and you don’t spread the virus via coughs and sneezes.

Yes, social isolation, social distancing, wash hands, cover mouth. That can’t last forever and what if people get sick anyway.  

This should come under the KOTO Principle … Know one, teach one. It should be taught in every classroom, workplace, doctor’s office, places of worship so that people know-how and pass it on.

For example, if there is a teacher or student with a sore throat, they should gargle with warm salt water right then and there. At every workplace, people should check in ‘Do you have a sore throat?’ And if people need to go gargle with warm salty water, that’s fine. We can all reduce the viral load. For too long, we’ve lived under the principle of: “Oh, I’m feeling a bit under the weather but I’ll wait a few days, see how I feel and if necessary go to my doctor”.

Our families and friends can sit down, go over these simple skills, practice and make certain everyone commits to doing these things right away.

We have to take pro-active steps to reduce the viral load as soon as symptoms appear. We know enough to know that those symptoms are: SORE THROAT and sore in the back of the nose and then fever and dry cough. We need people to be self-doing as soon as they get that sore throat. Doctors and dentists have been telling us for years … gargle with warm salt water!