What happens when couples become skilled during pregnancy to birth their baby and then use birth and birth coaching skills throughout their baby’s birth? They grow their family! The Birth is the Gateway from pregnancy into parenthood! When families use Birthing Better skills during pregnancy to prepare for birth then use birth and birth coaching skills throughout their baby’s birth, they are changed forever for the positive. Instead of moving through pregnancy and birth in a fog, families can move through both pregnancy and birth with skills. Being skilled matters. Become a skilled birthing family.

‘The information is unavailable elsewhere and has provided us with an extremely positive and healthy experience of labor and birth. I would recommend any couple expecting a baby to use this information and empower themselves for this supreme experience’

Jed and Samantha

‘With the knowledge provided, we were aware throughout the labor of what my body was doing. With my husband also so aware, he was able to really assist me (not stand there freaking out). That was a big bonus. I honestly believe I would have had a birth with intervention if I had not done The Pink Kit.’

Julia and Henry

‘I’m writing even before I have my baby to thank you for The Pink Kit. Frankly, my husband was bored with most of the books about childbirth. He just turned off. My friend gave us the kit and from the first section, he knew that here were practical skills that he could do. We’re looking forward to the birth’.

Fiona and Gerald

‘Gosh, what a change in my husband. He’s gone from feeling sort of out of the loop to pushing the midwives aside and telling them to do their job…he has his. I like that’.

Ruth and Pete

‘My husband and I have only had sex to conceive our baby. I have a history of vaginismus. Even if I touch myself to wash, I have a spasm in my vagina. My midwife told me that women with this condition have c/s. That terrified me. My midwife didn’t give me The Pink Kit but a friend did who had used it for her birth. It took weeks for me to be able to relax enough to get my own finger inside, but I persevered. I started a bit earlier then what the kit recommends. By the time I was due both my husband and I could get 3 fingers inside. We’d giggle thinking about what fun we’d have after the birth. We’d finally be able to have sex! I did delivery vaginally and at home. I needed an episiotomy and wished my midwife had known The Pink Kit well enough to show me exactly where I was tightest. I would have paid more attention to that area. She had done a VE a few weeks earlier but hadn’t mentioned my hymenal ring. Other then that, we’re rapped’.

Sugi and Io


Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation skills were developed by hundreds of moms and dads. This means the skills work in every birth. Moms and dads wanted to reduce and prevent issues from becoming problems. They also wanted to cope, manage, deal with, work through, handle, stay on top and feel in control no matter how their birth unfolded. You can too.

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