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Fathers Supporting VBAC

CAVEAT: This course is an addition to all the wonderful Birthing Better VBAC Success course entirely full of practical skills hundreds of fathers and mothers developed. This additional course totally focuses on the role of VBAC birth coach.

Many, many, many women start planning to have a VBAC shortly after their Caesarean! Wild isn’t it?


US Caesarean rate:

Global Caesarean rate: 

Country by country Caesarean rates: 

There are TWO reasons women have a Cesarean:

    1. Risks: There are many ‘issues/risks’ that are individual to your previous birth. Your Cesarean may have occurred because the ‘risk’ became a ‘problem’ and no one wanted there to be a ‘tragedy’. Women define this as a NECESSARY Caesarean. Everyone is grateful.
    2. Women ‘suffer’ … There is no ‘risk, no potential problem, or tragedy’. This refers to women who lack birth skills and do not cope, manage, work through, deal with, handle, stay on top and feel in control when they are experiencing the naturally occurring pain of labor contractions. No one wants a woman to ‘suffer’ and a ‘safe Cesarean’ becomes an option. After birth and sometimes months later women consider this to be an UNNECESSARY Cesarean. They can be incredibly angry and sad.

Fathers and Mothers developed ALL Birthing Better skills

  • To reduce or prevent risks from becoming problems if possible.
  • To prevent women from suffering.

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