Fathers Supporting VBAC Online Birthing Class



Fathers Supporting VBAC Online Birthing Class

Many, many, many women start planning to have a VBAC shortly after their Caesarean! Wild isn’t it?

Why is that?

This is what our modern maternity system and our societies are facing.

US Caesarean rate:

Global Caesarean rate: 

Country by country Caesarean rates: 

We’re being faced with two realities:

  1. Modern women can longer labor and give birth vaginally. Somehow modern life has changed us so much that we’re incapable of having a labor and vaginal birth. Does that make sense? Our Trust does not have an opinion about this because we just advocate that all families have and use birth and birth-coaching skills to work through the birthing journey.
  2. Modern women are not being told via their birth providers or through a strong societal message that it’s normal and natural to self-learn birth and birth-coaching skills in pregnancy then use those skills to work through the activity of birthing your baby. Birth is broken down into elements:
    1.  Women ‘suffering’ … that DOES NOT MEAN THERE’S A PROBLEM. That refers to women lacking birth skills who do not cope, manage, work through, deal with, handle, stay on top and feel in control when they are experiencing the naturally occurring pain of labor contractions. This is directly due to a global Truth … ‘There’s no way to know what your birth will be like’. However, this is followed by an Untruth … ‘Therefore, there’s really nothing you can do to prepare for it’. Of course, you can prepare and Birthing Better skills developed by fathers and mothers are the proof!
    2. The normal and naturally occurring ‘issues/risks’ that MIGHT become ‘problems’ (that usually resolve without a bigger problem) and sometimes those ‘problems’ becoming a tragedy.

As a father supporting a VBAC, you can choose to not learn skills to support a VBAC or you choose to learn birth-coaching skills and use them no matter how birth unfolds.

Birthing Better families choose to be skilled and we use them.

And, this is how we approached those two issues.

  • We became skilled to reduce or prevent risks from becoming problems if possible.
  • We became skilled so the birthing women don’t suffer.

And here’s our philosophy: ‘The bigger the issue, the more we use skills and the more challenging, the more we use our skills’. Why? Because this is our baby’s birth!