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First Time Dads And Moms Birthing Class

CAVEAT #1: Hundreds of fathers and mothers developed all the skills in Birthing Better. You’re going to learn how to birth and how to be a great birth-coach. No woman knows what her birth will be like. Birth unfolds and all your skills will make sense so take 5-15 minutes/day from 24 weeks onwards.

CAVEAT #2: As a pregnant woman, learn the skills you want first. As a birth-coaching dad/other learn the skills you want first. Then teach each other. The only skills to learn together: Body skills and Internal Work.

So many emotions! So much goes through your heads! So many changes in your life!

And, then there’s your birth! And, you’re on Google searching left, right and center. Somehow you arrived here. You want to know why Birthing Better is different from all the other stuff.

Here’s why Birthing Better is different AND works with everything else you read, do, think, and experience. Yup, that’s right. Why?

  • We are going to give birth because we’re pregnant … one way or another
  • We never know what our birth will be like … it’s the Unknown of the Unknowable
  • Each of us has to do the activity of birthing our baby no matter where the birth occurs, who is present, our personal circumstances/beliefs/choices/lack of choices/change of choices, or what happens to or around each woman birthing.
  • Humans LOVE knowing they have the right skills for the task at hand
  • Giving birth is always, without exception, an activity you will do with your baby
  • You’ll do that activity better with a great set of birth skills
  • We prepared our pregnant body so it was easier for our baby (a big object) to come down, through and out of our body no matter what ‘type’ of birth.
  • We learned birth and birth-coaching skills so we can work together while doing this activity.
  • No other birth skills-method is universal, developed by ordinary families, and used in every type of birth without exception!

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