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How To Use Your Birth Skills In Your Hospital Birth

CAVEAT: You’ll get the same great Birthing Better skills fathers and mothers developed. PLUS you’ll get added video and audio material that will help you use your Birthing Better skills in your hospital birth.

This is how Birthing Better families treated their hospital birth

  1. A hospital is a place
  2. The hospital has people working in it
  3. You’re going to go to a place where people work
  4. You’re going to do the activity of birthing your baby in that place and around some of the people who work there
  5. You may or may not like the place or what those people do to or around you
  6. With birth skills, you can focus on doing the activity of birthing your baby because you got pregnant to have a baby no matter where your birth takes place, who is present, your beliefs/choices/lack of/change of, or what happens to or around you.

In other words, the hundreds of Birthing Better fathers and mothers who developed all the Birthing Better skills claimed (not ‘re-claimed’) our own birthing empowerment because we used birth and birth-coaching skills when we birthed in hospital.

Trust us … we know. We have 50 years of empowered hospital births because we used our skills.

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