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From 24 weeks of pregnancy onward you have to split your awareness. First, you need to keep growing your fatherhood (and partnership) qualities. Second, start helping your pregnant partner to prepare her body to let out your baby when the birth process happens. If you are not aware of these two needs during pregnancy this 3rd phase of pregnancy then you’re being hampered by your own ignorance … through no fault of your own.

Men often feel so confused about what is expected of them, what they should be doing, when they should be doing it and how to do whatever it is they should be doing.

Learn from other dads

These articles are generated by our New Zealand charitable Trust, Common Knowledge that produces Birthing Better online birthing classes. All the skills you’re learning now and the skills in the online resource were developed by hundreds of ordinary fathers and mothers over a 15 year period from the early 1970s. That might seem like ancient history but our human body has not changed for hundreds of thousands of years and certainly hasn’t since the 1970s. Birth hasn’t changed too much either although there is more modern access to maternity care.

Why now?

What’s so magic about 24 weeks to start preparing for The Birth?

  • Think back on learning to drive a car. It actually takes about 16 weeks, practicing regularly to be able to pass the driving test (not the written test). Then ask yourself how long did it take you to become good at the sport of your choice or even the computer game you like to play? Learning takes time. First, you need to be shown what to do then you have to practice until you feel competent.
  • The pregnant woman’s mind is still clear as is yours.
  • You can take time and not feel rushed.
  • Learning over time means you’ll integrate your skills better.

Head to Udemy for all the Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy courses. Then at 24 weeks of pregnancy, come back here for the online birthing classes and start with the birth preparation and birth-coaching skills … all developed by hundreds of dads and moms.

Birthing Better skills are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.