The importance of preparing every pregnant body to give birth cannot be understated. This is where a man’s attention to detail comes into play. Imagine this: How big will your baby be when it’s born? The average weight is 7.8 pounds. If you don’t know what that weight is, then go and weigh a bunch of things. One of the things you have to put on that scale is a grapefruit. That’s the size of a baby’s head even if it’s born prematurely. Sure very, very premature babies have smaller heads but get real. That’s the size of your baby’s head and it has to come out of your pregnant partner’s body.

But weight is not the only factor as you know. It’s the shape of the weight. So find several things that weigh between 6 and 10 pounds that have different shapes. A baby’s length at birth is about 20″.

Then take a look at a grapefruit. That’s about the size of your baby’s head at birth. Here’s the deal. That object has to open the woman’s cervix which is a tighter muscle than your rectum. Then that object has to pass through the hole in the woman’s pelvis. Once those two things happen when your baby has to open her vagina (the birth canal).

For most men, it’s quite hard to imagine where the cervix is and what the hole in the pelvis means. These things you’ll learn in the DVD of The Pink Kit Package.

And then there’s your body

Right now you can imagine if that 6 to 10 pound, 20″ long object were to come down and out your penis. What do you think about that? Not the most pleasant thought is it. Once you choke down that reality then you can see where paying attention to detail plays a big role in preparing a woman’s body to let this happen and have this journey happen in her body.

Can’t women just do this on their own?


But you’re the father-to-be and she wants you to be part of this whole process. In other words, without an extended family all around you and the women in her family helping her prepare her pregnant body you are IT.

Most men love learning about a woman’s body. Just as women are fascinated by the penis, men are fascinated by the workings of a woman. By this time your baby is big enough for you to feel so, the fascination is both about the woman’s body and how your baby is growing. Paying attention to preparing the woman’s pregnant body means you are actually paying attention to how a 3-dimensional object can come out from inside a 3-dimensional body with as little trauma as possible.

Your bottom line:

Begin to prepare your baby’s mother’s body to give birth as close to 24 weeks as possible. Remember it’s a container and you need to help that container open up.

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