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Coming to the end of phase #4 of pregnancy and the skills all fathers-to-be should develop from conception to The Birth. Humor, humor and more humor is one of those skills. That’s about it. If you cannot see all the little mundane daily life’s events and happenings with humor then you’re grouchy! Stop that right now. Look, life isn’t about making you happy.

Life is a gift you get to live. Whether you have lots or little control over what happens to you or around you, you have a huge amount of control over how you cope, deal, respond and manage your life’s experience.

Humor will come in handy when you are present at The Birth of your child as well as throughout the years you are a parent.

There are three types of birth:

  • Labor and a vaginal birth
  • Labor and an emergency cesarean
  • Non-laboring planned cesarean

No matter what type of birth you end up having, you must prepare the pregnant body to give birth. We advocate Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course because this is a skills-based resource developed by hundreds of ordinary mothers and fathers. Men love learning practical skills that work in every single birth experience. Birthing Better fathers will guide you through all those pragmatic and practical skills that they developed for their own birth experiences.

If you’ve been working through Birthing Better you already know that humor is part of learning these skills together. In other words, have a good time, enjoy learning together and enjoy the feeling of empowerment that comes from working with your baby’s efforts to be born.

When you read the above paragraph this should bring strength to your chest as you see yourself becoming confidently skilled. That strength you feel in your chest is personal pride!

When pride is truly experienced it generates a desire to perform a bit of a dance to show the joy self-accomplishment that rises in the spirit. In other words, skilled men want to crow and shout their success.

Humor … not making fun of others or yourself … just humor will always help you get through the challenges of life. Also having a relative viewpoint helps. In other words, are there people whose lives are more challenging than yours? Whenever you are met by a small or big challenge remember to have humor. Laugh, giggle, chuckle, snort.

Humor is good for your health and certainly is appreciated by your children. Most children are not aware of life’s challenges … we learn about them as we grow older. As children we just enjoy life. Life is a gift. You add to that gift as a father by bringing humor to your life. Lighten up. Become enlightened and full of humor.

Bottom line

Teach your children to use humor so they do not take everything so seriously. Don’t bring up your children to feel ‘entitled’. Teach them to overcome and to bring humor into everything they do.

Head to Udemy for all the Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy courses. Then at 24 weeks of pregnancy, come back here for the online birth courses and start with the birth preparation and birth-coaching skills … all developed by hundreds of dads and moms.

Birthing Better skills are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.