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Humor is one skill and delight is another skill. There are so many things to feel delighted about during phase #4 of pregnancy. Sure your life might be full of challenges however delight is something you choose to experience and is not dependent on whether life is throwing you a good hand or a difficult one. Delight is something you choose. As mentioned in an earlier entry you learned that children’s natural State of Being is to feel delighted. Perhaps you have other children and see how that delight.  You know that children can feel really irritable and sad, fussy and stubborn. Yet a moment later they are delighting in something.

Learn from a dog

Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer reminds owners that dogs just do not have a certain part of the brain that holds onto experiences. This part of the brain is called the neocortex. Children have a neo-cortex however, it’s not as developed as yours. In fact, your child’s neo-cortex will mature about the age of 25 no matter what they tell you when they are 9 or 13 or 18.

Cultivate your own ‘delight’ about the simplest things. Delight springs from our ability to see small, often insignificant and mundane parts of life as being ‘delightful’. Delight is refreshing to our spirit.

Delight might be so simple as seeing a red leaf during Autumn, the sun slanting through the trees or seeing your baby’s foot through the belly. Delight is an appreciation for tiny things. This is important because your baby will do tiny things and unless you’re numb and dumb … you will delight.

At first, you might not notice each important skill your baby learns as he/she grows however in a short time you will recognize very subtle changes … this is delight!

Immediately after birth when you are holding your newborn, it’s common for the baby to gaze into the eyes of its father. This is delight. The ability of your baby to clutch your finger with such strength is a delight.

Bottom line:

Delight comes from feeling the side-to-side space created when you do The Hip Lift on your pregnant partner. Delight is feeling the softening of your partner’s vaginal tissue from doing The Internal Work. Delight is being a great birth coach no matter where the birth occurs, with whom or what happens. Delight comes from seeing your newborn smile. Delight comes from watching your baby feed. Delight builds wonderful memories. Grow your delight.

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