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In the last entry, we discussed how your awareness is deepening. This happens when you can pay attention to greater detail. Every skill we learn is composed of small components. We don’t often recognize that. If you play hoops, you have to learn to handle the ball, what you spot, the velocity or spin are all important.

You get better and more consistent at making each shot as you bring and refine these skills together. Ball skills aren’t the only ones that you have to know and integrate. You have to set your feet and balance. The angle of your arms and your grip are also a type of skill. What others on the court are doing incorporates a whole other set of skills.

Think through all the components of something you’ve learned in the past and you’ll appreciate that ‘attention to detail’ is a huge factor in how competent you feel and become.

In phase #4 you should be able to refine each Birthing Better skill you’ve been learning. You should now know the importance of attention to detail as you’ve learned about the woman’s pregnant body.

  • Has the woman’s body become more responsive to body awareness?
  • Has the tissue inside her birth canal become less sensitive and more elastic?
  • Are the two of you able to work with Directed Breathing and Deep Touch Relaxation?
  • Have you listened to the Birth Journey audio together, discussed the 5 phases of contractions and the ‘bell-shaped curve’ compared to flat ones?
  • Are you committing to using your skills no matter what is going on around you?

At this point, attention to detail, refining your skills, feeling confident and capable results in a calmer demeanor. This is a becoming quality in mature men.

You are much closer now in your own growth to transforming yourself from ‘becoming’ a dad to ‘being’ one.

Bottom line

Keep in mind that attention to detail is exercised in difference senses:

  • visual
  • listening
  • touch

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