Having a homebirth is very special … particularly in countries where this is not supported.  When you birth at home … unless you and your pregnant partner decide to have an ‘unassisted’ home birth … you will choose one or more midwives.

In some cultures birth is ‘women’s business’ but in our modern societies, women wanted their husband/partner/friend or relative to help them during birth … in most hospital births. Even if your pregnant partner is madly in love with your homebirth midwife, you are the father or family member whose role during the birthing process is absolutely important as birth-coach. You certainly should not leave that role or job to your midwife.

The reason birthing women turn to their homebirth midwife is due to the lack of your skills. You can prevent this by becoming a very skilled Birth Coach.

She wants you

When you have great birth-coaching skills you’ll be the birth support or Birth Coach your pregnant partner wants. She will turn to you. The two of you will work with your baby’s efforts to come down, through and out her body. Your homebirth midwife is there to check and make certain everything is doing fine.

By being skilled you’ll prevent many of the reasons women transfer from homebirth. You’ll have the skills if you do transfer to the hospital. You are the father or family member of this baby being born … help him/her! Your partner will love you and bond more with you if you’ve had the skills to help her. You won’t be afraid of your newborn.

Support your midwife

By becoming a skilled birth-coach you will also support your dedicated homebirth midwife who often faces political challenges, has her own family, wants you to have a good birth and supports your choice. Homebirth midwives need more skilled families.

Birth coaching skills start during pregnancy when you help your pregnant partner to prepare her body to give birth. There’s a big object coming out. Learn how to open, create space, soften and make mobile the inside of your partner’s body to help your baby come down, through and out.

All Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of dads and moms, are housed in Common Knowledge Trust and are available to you via online birth classes.