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Let me ask you a question if you’re a dad who has other children … who’s watching out for your toddler? Keeping in mind that as a dad you will spend time alone with your children, you must have eyes in the back of your head, above your ears as well as on your face looking forward. You have to open these eyes. Understand that you’ll have to teach your 2 or 3-year-old to open their eyes on the tips of their toes or else they will stumble a lot. Soccer players have very astute eyes on their toes. If you played some sports you might have opened your finger eyes … baseball, basketball, cricket, football or rugby.

We have eyes all over us … our cells that interpret the outside world for our bodies are sort of like eyes. When it comes to becoming a dad during this very early phase of pregnancy your two eyes are quite underdeveloped. Why? Because you’ve only needed to grow from being a child into being an adult. In parts of your life, you might have very aware eyes however this early phase starts the process of growing the four others.

The process you’ll go through as a man, partner/husband and father-to-be is an opening up of your awareness as mentioned in an earlier blog entry. Awareness is a form of seeing, so is paying attention to detail and seeing what needs to be done then doing it.

The great news is that as you open your previously closed eyes you can do so many more things well-gathering pride in yourself as a man and human being. Permit that to happen. You’ll never regret it.

Bottom line

When you look back on your life as a grandfather, you’ll see your journey more clearly. You don’t want to regret that you have not grown. Right now all around you are men who have not even know they need to grow during pregnancy, nor given the skills to do so, nor been honored in the process to become a father. Too many men are living their life without the essential skills to grow the wonderful qualities of fatherhood. In your life and the life of your friends and relatives, you can change this. People around you will see this and admire you for your maturity and capability.

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