#1 Job is to reduce or prevent viral load by flushing out entry points as soon as and repeat when necessary.

Do You Live Near A Coronavirus Cluster?


  • Go about your life naturally. You’ll have feelings of fear take (Aconite and Argentum Nit homeopathics)
  • While washing hands and social distancing is appropriate when the virus is in your area, if it’s NOT, then do not start to social distant yourselves. That creates a ‘habit’ rather than an appropriate response to a short-term situation.
  • Be grateful that your area is not impacted … yet or forever


Do these things for at least 14 days or until cases are resolved. A few cases is NOT A CLUSTER and may never become one in your area.

  • Become more aware and begin to implement appropriate self-care behaviours
    • Social distancing where appropriate and hand-washing
    • Pay attention of your own body and those of your children. CHILDREN ARE PASSING ON THE VIRUS TO FAMILY but aren’t getting very sick at this point.
    • If you have itching in eyes (flush with warm water)
    • If you have itching in ears (flush with warm salty water)
    • If you have stuffed nose (snort warm salty water once or twice)
    • If your throat feels raw, sore or sore to swallow (gargle with warm salty water and spit out 3X)
      • Then spray with herbal throat spray or suck herbal throat lozenges
    • Shower once every day or other day particularly at night before bed
      • After showering wash body with salty water, diluted vinegar or diluted baking soda
    • Take Vitamin C and lots of pre/pro-biotics
    • Take Alli-biotics or Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf Extract, Kyolic garlic


As soon as you notice ANY of these symptoms then gargle with warm, slightly salty water at least 3x/day: fatigue, feeling sore or raw inside back of nose and throat, dry cough, fever, itching eyes/ears and shortness of breath.

  • Use throat spray
  • Shower every evening and follow steps above
  • Vitamin C, Oregano, Olive Leaf, Kyolic
  • Take ONE dose of PNEUMOCOCUSS

This virus has four phases

    • Not feeling well for a few days with or without fever or cough … THIS IS WHEN YOU MUST ACT FIRST AND FAST AND KEEP DOING IT FOR AT LEAST 14 DAYS
    • Fever and cough … Drinking respiratory teas, continue with Alli-biotics etc
    • Feeling better … JUST KEEP DOING WHAT YOU’RE DOING
    • Pneumonia … Pneumococcus homeopathics, Justicia if necessary, more Vitamin C in massive amounts. If you got sick very fast … Cytokine Supplement as a TEA. Cytokine response is an over-active immune response. You might (and there’s no proof or even study about this) try any over the counter anti-histamine.
  • https://www.jonbarron.org/colds-flus-infectious-diseases/covid-19-coronavirus/