The Pink Kit is now known as Birthing Better online birthing classes. Since these skills were developed by hundreds of families in the early 1970s, many thousands of families have used Birthing Better skills in every type of birth. This is important. Every expectant family can have and should have an empowered birth experience. That’s right. Every mother and father/other can use skills to work through their baby’s birth journey no matter where the birth occurs, with whom or what happens. We all want to hear positive birth stories.

‘When anyone ever asks me about my birth, I cannot shut up. I had such an amazing and confidence building experience and I feel very lucky to have learned the information in The Pink Kit”

Phillamina and Burly

‘Thank you so much for The Pink Kit experience. I am a true believer!’

Mrs. Jing

Wow, Isn’t it wonderful what good education can do? The Pink Kit is fantastic!’

Baby Paul’s mom and dad

I did it! After 3 previous cesareans, I gave birth vaginally to my daughter. It was the greatest challenge of my life. I tell everyone about The Pink Kit.’


‘I had 3 wonderful births at home with the most wonderfully supportive husband and midwife. I was hesitant to even look at The Pink Kit to start with. I’ve got to say, we all learned so much and our next birth was even more conscious and intimate.’

Joyanne and Ralph

‘My deepest regret is that I didn’t do enough internal work. My mum had 8 easy labors and I just thought I’d follow suit. My baby came out with it’s elbow at it’s chin and I tore badly. Next time.! You never know what you’ll get, so prepare’.


‘My first birth was horrible. I didn’t progress so I got induced. Then I had an epidural after many hours. When my baby was finally born with forceps and a huge episiotomy, I was relieved. I believed birth was that terrifying and that dramatic. However, it took 6 weeks for me to be able to move my bowels and for 3 years we had pain having sex. I got determined to do something about it. My midwife gave me The Pink Kit.

At first, the idea of the internal work was too weird and when I tried it, it hurt. But something inside told me to keep doing it. It took 3 weeks for that tough scar tissue to not hurt and another few weeks before I could really work all in there. Well! Between the directed breathing which I used and I stayed so calm and the internal work, I had a beautiful birth. A baby 2 pounds 6 oz bigger than his brother…without a tear. I’m 9 days after the birth and frankly, I don’t even feel I’ve had a baby come out. My advice is buy the kit and do the work. You won’t regret it’.

Heather and Anthony

‘My doctor was terrified at my insistence about trying to give birth naturally. I’ve had a heart condition all my life and she told me that my life was at risk. After we talked, it became clearer that she was particularly concerned with 2nd stage and if I pushed too hard or too long. My partner and I did the internal work religiously and we knew how far the baby was down in my pelvis. We stayed at home as long as we could, until we felt that I was really dilating well. (We knew because we could feel the changes). We drove to the hospital and our son was born 20 minutes later. My obstetrician was pretty amazed.’

Anna and George

‘I have a particular type of heart problem that gave concern to my OB. He didn’t think that anything I did could make a different to the outcome. Neither did my husband. I did the internal work myself. There was one particular place that was very sore, so I skipped over it. When our baby was being born, that was the only place that didn’t stretch. After 40 minutes of pushing, the doctor said he needed to do an episiotomy because of my heart. I was disappointed but knew that I hadn’t worked on that one area. He cut me and I had another contraction but my baby didn’t deliver. He reached for the forceps and I said: ‘Now hold on. You’ve just cut me, give me a chance!’ He said he’d give me two more contractions. I WON’.


‘I was born with two uteruses, two vaginal openings. When I conceived my doctor told me that I was to have a c/s. We wanted a home birth. I found a midwife who would help us. She didn’t know anything about The Pink Kit but I bought a copy…anything might help. We just found it fantastic. We had a great home birth’.


‘After a cesarean 19 years earlier, I believed that the doctor was responsible for the result. When we did the internal work and mapped my pelvis, I really had an incredibly small one. We did the internal work every day and my vagina was very stretchy but my baby never came into my pelvis. I was in denial about my own body because I so much wanted a vaginal delivery.

I labored at home for 24hours and eventually went to hospital and had another c/s after another 10 hours on a drip. After 6 months of thinking things through, I realized that I did have an unusually shaped pelvis. We wanted another baby, so I figured that I’d have another section but no one could stop me from laboring. We found a very sympathetic doctor. We labored at home until I was almost fully dilated. We got into hospital and I did fully dilate. Our baby was fine and the doctor told me to go ahead and push for a bit which felt great. After 40 minutes, we had the c/s to deliver our son. I feel really healed’.

The Margolis Crowd

Wintergreen, I wanted to write you at least briefly to let you know I witnessed yet another amazing pink kit birth. My sister in law J’s 4th baby, Anthony, was born a little over a month ago. She labored so well that the attending nurse didn’t even realize. She was giving birth until his head was already halfway out.

He was born within 2 hours of labor beginning, was 9lb 11 oz at birth and came out with one fist up by his head (fist of power). She had just a very minor scrape. The Pink Kit skills were an absolutely integral part of her extremely effective labor. She prepped for birth using the PK skills she already had, during labor we used various pk exercises to relax her pelvis between contractions, I regularly reminded her about the exercise in plumbing and her teamwork with the baby to get him out as efficiently as possible was awesome. We thank you & the Pink Kit yet again!

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