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Giving birth is NOT a dentist’s appointment. Your baby is working to be born and you have to do the activity of giving birth to your baby. Giving birth is the job mothers-to-be do. Giving birth is how mothers-to-be become mothers. You move from being pregnant to giving birth. All mothers-to-be want to know exactly how to prepare their pregnant body in order to give birth as safely and easily as possible. All moms-to-be want to stay in control and stay on top of their birth experience. Taking all these things together leads to a common-sense conclusion … become skilled. Learn the skills that effectively prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body then learn the birth and birth coaching skills so you manage, cope and deal with the activity of birthing your baby.

As a mother-to-be … you’re not a fool

You know there’s something missing in the childbirth education today. Your pregnant head is full of information … too much sometimes. As an expectant mom and father-to-be, you’re trying to make a Birth Plan to cover all your bases just in case. Yet, there is doubt in your mind. And you are so right. There is a huge gap in childbirth preparationno childbirth skills! Or so few you’d think they aren’t important.

Birthing Better online birthing classes evolved in the 1970s from hundreds of ordinary families because expectant mothers-to-be just like you wanted the appropriate skills to help them achieve the birth they wanted AND to help them manage the birth they got.

Too often Birth Plans change, leaving birthing women disappointed or relieved, and fathers feeling bewildered or grateful.

One Birth Plan is just not enough

Answer this question. Is choosing what your car to drive, mechanic, and route to take sufficient to have a safe journey? NO. You have to learn to drive the car!

Giving birth is no different. As a mother-to-be you can’t control the birthing process; however, you can control your own behavior. If you have birthing skills you’ll be proud of how you gave birth even if you didn’t get the birth you wanted.

No mother-to-be can plan their birth. There is absolutely no way to know what your birth will be like, but your pregnancy will end one day with you doing the activity of giving birth. You’re not merely a participant. You are doing the activity along with the activity your baby is doing. You’re giving birth. Your baby is being born.

As a mother-to-be without the right childbirth skills and know-how to prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body, your birth will ‘happen’ to you. When you are skilled as a birthing woman, you will know how to work with your baby’s efforts to be born and feel proud of doing that.

You also want your birth partner to know how to help you. Being a birth support is just not enough. You don’t want your birth support, birth helper or birth coach to stand around feeling useless. Now, as a mother-to-be and father-to-be or friend or relative you can learn together the best childbirth skills on the market with Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course.

Bottom line:

Create a second Birth Plan … list all the birth and birth coaching skills that you have learned. Show this Skills-based Birth Plan to your birth provider and take it to you and use it as your reminder of all the skills you know. Then use your skills to work through your baby’s birth journey.

Childbirth Skills make the difference

You need the specific childbirth skills to do this activity of giving birth with as little suffering or trauma as possible in whatever birth you have.

Most pregnant women would like to trust this natural process of giving birth without fear even if they require medical care. It’s very hard for any mother-to-be to ‘trust’ a process that you know could be very painful. The right childbirth skills help you manage the natural pain of labor. Birth and birth coaching skills also help you deepen your intuition and instincts because you can become incredibly conscious of how you are behaving and acting in response to both internal and external sensations.

Non-laboring Cesarean expectant mother

If you know you will have an elective c-section why not just enjoy preparing your pregnant body to give birth?  It’s your head that knows you’ll have a Cesarean, not your pregnant body. This simple fact can just change your whole life for the better. Enjoy preparing for the birth of your baby because you are still giving birth to your baby.

You can also use the same childbirth skills on the way to hospital while being prepped and during the surgical birth of your child? The birth of your baby is just as important to you. Now you can totally enjoy the birthing experience by using your skills. After the surgery, you might experience pain or discomfort and these skills work then just as well.

Every mother-to-be wants to have wonderful birth memories whether you have a planned Cesarean or unassisted birth … and all the other types of births. Every new mother wants to tell a great Birth Story.

Birthing Better skills were developed by hundreds of dads and moms. Many Birthing Better families had medical risks and many were faith-based having homebirth, hospital, and Birth Centre births.

Common Knowledge Trust houses all the Birthing Better skills