Father-coached Childbirth, Husband-coached Childbirth

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Let’s admit it … you never know what your pregnant partner’s birth will be like. Given that it’s often difficult to really understand why you, as the significant other, must learn Birth Coaching skills. Let’s admit it … birth will unfold. Your pregnant partner expects you to ‘be there’ so what does that really mean? Do you see yourself standing around or actually participating? And what does participating mean? Think about this. If you have the right birth coaching skills and know how to help your birthing partner stay in control, does that change how you see yourself? We know you don’t have those birth coaching skills yet but that’s why you’re on this page. You want SOMETHING.  We have that something … great birth coaching skills for you.

Who controls ‘the labor’?

This is the question everyone wants to know. Well it’s not birthing women. We wish!

It’s not an outside force … even if you are induced!

It’s your baby who controls labor. And that’s great news. There’s something you can do:

  • Help your  partner prepare her pregnant body to become a birthing body. This does not take heaps of time …just a few minutes from 24 weeks on. If you’re more pregnant you’ll have to put in a wee more time but you’re also more motivated.
  • Learn coaching skills so you can observe and listen to the messages your baby is giving you through the woman’s body. You’ll learn to help her have effective contractions and avoid stressful and negative behaviors.
  • Together you can help your baby move down, through and out your birthing partner’s body more easily and as a team.

Fathers are particularly good at reading the baby’s messages by observing and hearing what his birthing partner is doing.

Keep it simple, Stupid

You just want to know what to do.

You will learn all the skills needed to effectively ‘read contractions’.

Here are some of the observation skills you will learn in the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Courses:

  • Do contractions follow a bell-shaped curve?
  • Do contractions plateau off instead?
  • Are the contractions getting more intense, longer and closer together every hour or two?
  • Do contractions seem to be the same for hours at a time?
  • Did changing positions change the bell-shaped curve?
  • Does the birthing woman sound stressed by what she is feeling?
  • Is the birthing woman showing any tension in response to what she is feeling?

You’ll realize your baby is talking to you through your partner’s birthing body. Thrilling!

With all the Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation Online Course skills, developed by hundreds of dads just like you, you will fully participate in your baby’s birth, WOW your birth provider, feel really good about how you helped your partner get through the birth and be incredibly praised by your partner!’

And you’ll learn how to use Birthing Better skills no matter how your baby’s birth unfolds.


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