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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The person writing this content is a woman … the person who created all these Birthing Better online birthing classes full of the broad-ranging skills that hundreds of ordinary fathers and mothers developed in the early 1970s. They asked me to carry forward these skills so you can benefit from all the skills we developed for our roles, tasks, and job … you as a partner, father-to-be, birth-coach, and father.

You’re a human being. All humans thrive on feeling skilled for the task.

Here’s a secret. Women aren’t in control. As soon as we get pregnant, we KNOW there’s no way to know what our birth is going to be like … so we, Women, feel anxious and want you to help!

Here’s secret two. You’re assuming women know how to birth. Funny assumption really. Did you know how to be a good lover instinctively? Be honest! Or, if you got lost in the woods or desert would you know what foods or water is safe to eat and drink? If you already have children you know how many times you’re taking things out of your kid’s mouth! Women don’t know how to birth and your partner wants you to help her.

Here’s secret three. Men and women share the same human body. We all blink, cough and you, too, can tighten up your rectum. If your partner is going to labor and give birth vaginally you don’t want her to tighten up her rectum. She’s got a big object coming down, through and out!

Men get it!

Birthing Better dads put it frankly … birth is an exercise in plumbing. A big object has to come out of a container. If that big object was inside a man’s body and coming down, through and out his penis … he’d prepare and learn skills to cope with the pain!

All Birthing Better skills will help you prepare your partner’s pregnant body so she can open up for your baby. And, you’ll learn birth-coaching skills that will work for you in the birth that unfolds. She can’t control what birth she’ll have but you can help her stay in control by her using birth skills supported by your coaching skills!

So many skills!

Yup. Birthing Better dads wanted to feel skilled. You know how complex pregnancy is in your life. If you’ve been at birth, you know how complex that experience is. We’ll share with you all our skills. It’s up to you to learn the ones you feel will be useful for you.

Our goal as a Trust and honoring these original Birthing Better families is to grow a skilled birthing population for every type of birth because this is your baby’s birth.

You are reading this now and don’t yet know these skills. Become skilled and re-read this. Feel how different you experience yourself being skilled compared to being and feeling unskilled.

Once you dive into any of our Birthing Better online courses, you’ll immediately realize: ‘Why didn’t someone tell me there was a whole set of skills to prepare for birth and be the best birth-coach I can be … and a father who feels skilled?'[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]