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Fathers-to-be: There was ONE reason Birthing Better men/fathers equally developed Birthing Better … skills. We can move through pregnancy using skills (see Udemy Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academy courses), then through birth preparation with skills (from 24 weeks of pregnancy) and finally through our baby’s birth with other skills (no matter the circumstances).  With skills we are never afraid of our newborn and we grow into being skilled fathers.

12 Step Hero's Journey

12 Step Hero’s Journey: From the moment of conception you are taking a Hero’s Journey. This Journey moves you from being a man through becoming a father to being a father. Take this Journey with great skills. We’ve created an Infographic so you can learn more about each step on your Hero’s Journey

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Conception to Birth

Conception to Birth: From conception you are becoming a father. Pregnancy is broken up into 5 Phases … conception to 12 weeks; 12-24 weeks; 24-36 weeks; 36 weeks to birth and birth. Women are still pregnant until the baby is born. As a human being and a man, you can learn wonderful skills to move from conception to being a father having great skills.

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Online birth classes

Birth-coaching: Your pregnant partner wants to you know how to help her cope, manage, deal with, handle, work through, stay on top of and to feel in control throughout pregnancy, through the birth and as parents of a newborn. Birthing Better skills were developed by men for their role as a capable birth coach and support.

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VBAC father

VBAC-Fathers: Whether you support your pregnant partner’s choice to achieve a VBAC (vaginal birth after a previous Caesarean) or not, Birthing Better VBAC dads are here to help you. Help your partner prepare her pregnant body to birth. Learn, practice and commit to use birth and birth-coaching skills no matter how your baby is born.

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30 Weeks Pregnant

Extras_fathers: Pregnancy is bewildering enough to most men … so many changes that happen so quickly yet seem to linger for long periods (morning sickness comes to mind!). Add special circumstances, health issues and any other life factors to the mix and fathers-to-be can feel totally overwhelmed. Let Birthing Better fathers give you a simple solution … just become skilled and use them!

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How Can I Support My Partner's VBAC?

Simple. Become a skilled birth-coach. Let Birthing Better VBAC dads show you exactly how … with practical, useful and effective skills

Dads Traumatized By Birth

Not enough attention to how men/fathers can be traumatized by birth even if the birthing woman wasn’t. With great birth skills you reduce or prevent birth traumas

Birth-coaching Dads Working Around Obstetricians And Staff

Your Obstetrician will come and go infrequently. Staff will do the assessments, monitoring and procedures. You need to use skills to help your birthing partner cope with everything happening to and around her.

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Fathers-to-be Blog birthingbetter Online Birthing Course

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