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Udemy Fathers-to-be Pregnancy Academies

Conception to 12 weeks pregnant

12-24 weeks of pregnancy

24-36 weeks of pregnancy

36 weeks pregnant to birth

Fathers-to-be equally developed all the Birthing Better skills in the early 1970s. At first, families focused on birth and birth-coaching skills to cope with and manage the natural occurring pain of labor pains. These skills can be learned anytime in pregnancy

Then Birthing Better families developed skills to prepare the pregnant body for birth. The best time for preparing the pregnant body for birth is starting around 24 weeks.

Then fathers developed the 10 skills to grow from conception through birth as a way to keep up with the rapid changes of pregnancy.

In other words, become skilled as a human being, a man, an adult, a partner, as you become a father and then are a father.

None of these skills are hard to learn, they make sense. You’ll feel empowered and you’ll never regret becoming a more skilled human being.

Use the Udemy platform for pregnancy skills. Come back here and learn the birth preparation and birth-coaching skills. Online birth classes