First Time Fathers-To-Be

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First time fathers-to-be

Are first time fathers-to-be hopeless to help in childbirth? No … with the right birth coaching skills any father-to-be can be phenomenal. First-time dads-to-be, let’s put it bluntly …Either learn the skills to be a great birth coach or there is a real possibility you’ll feel useless. Are you asking yourself this question: ‘But I’ve never been at a birth?’ OK. Your birth is in the Future. Tomorrow is in the Future. Five minutes from now is in the Future. The Future is unknown and you’ve never lived it. Sure you say … ‘But birth is different?’ Different from what? It’s an activity your birthing partner is going to ‘do’ whether she likes it or not and hopefully you’re going to be there and that means you have to help her do the activity when it unfolds.

Let’s put birth into perspective. One hundred pregnant women will give birth one way or another. Even if a woman has had 10 children each birth is unique and different. At the same time giving birth is essentially the same activity. If a woman labors then she will have contractions. The issue you and she are faced with is how she copes with the natural occurring pain of labor contractions. If she labors and then has an unplanned Caesarean then she will be faced with being prepped and have major surgery. If she has a non-labouring c-section you’ll be driving to the hospital, being prepped and having a surgical Cesarean.

Skills everywhere except birth

Consider any activity. It takes place over Time. If you’re climbing Mt. Everest, it takes Time to put one foot in front of another. If you’re driving a formula one, every moment on the track requires skills. When you drive from A to Z there is a high societal expectation that you use your learned and practiced well so you don’t harm yourself, your car or others.

Giving birth is just another activity and Birthing Better online birthing classes will give you the exact, practical and real birth-coaching skills to help your pregnant partner prepare her body to give birth. Then you’ll learn great and essential birth and birth-coaching skills. You then have to use them!

‘My wife insisted I learn from Birthing Better. I rolled my eyes. She’s the woman. She’s pregnant. She’s going to do the birth. Her doctor’s going to make certain everything is fine. There’s nothing for me to do. But she pushed and a caved and took a peek at the breathing skills … couldn’t hurt. Anyway, boy I learned that women and men are exactly the same. We all breathe in the nose and out the mouth. Anyway, to cut to the chase. None of the skills were hard to learn but honestly, I had no clue how I was expected to use any of them at our baby’s birth. Then she went into labor! Dominoes! Everything fell right into place. I knew exactly how to help. I had the skills and I rocked it’

Christoper McN …

‘No one even came close to giving me the skills I really needed to help my wife until we bought The Pink Kit Package. This is the ONE and only product that targets fathers’.

Kevin P …

‘As far as I’m concerned ALL of the birth information is targeted to women and not us. Everyone seems to expect us to just know how to help when our wife is in excruciating pain. There’s hope out there in the form of The Pink Kit Package. Guys this is a resource that teaches us how to coach her through the pain’.

Robert  J…

As a first-time father-to-be, you can feel confident about your upcoming birth.

Skills are important for first-time dads-to-be because

  • Men like to fix things …  you can learn how to recognize when childbirth pain is getting the better of your partner AND help!
  • First-time dads-to-be want to feel proud of their ability to help their partner cope with birth pain. You will because you became a skilled birth coach.
  • YOUR partner wants you to help her particularly if she’s a first-time mom-to-be … you’ve got to or she’ll be pissed off and disappointed!
  • Birth coaching skills aren’t rocket science … they’re simple to learn but you do need to practice them during pregnancy!

YOU have the same body

Imagine yourself being a truly wonderful first-time birth coaching dad AND know…

  • You’ve done a great job as a first-time dad.
  • Helped your partner rise above birth pains.
  • Hear your partner praise how well you helped her.
  • Make certain your partner and baby come through childbirth safely.
  • You’ve totally impressed your obstetrician and midwife.

‘As a first-time mom, I was really relying on my husband to help me. I didn’t realize that he felt as ignorant as I did. Thankfully his mom gave us The Pink Kit Package. What a difference it made for both of us.

Katerine L …

My husband had no fear when I had pain which helped me not be afraid’.

Jodie. T

What if you lose the opportunity to have a truly wonderful birth experience?

Act now. Start now. Don’t wait another day to increase your confidence as a first time dad-to-be. Don’t wait another day to develop tight teamwork with your pregnant partner.

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.