I’m so happy to see increasingly more stories about fathers. Here’s one that’s pretty good. There are more than 5 myths about men/fathers than expressed in this article What are some of the other myths?

  • Men don’t understand women … the men are from Mars and women are from venus myth. In reality, both men and women share an almost identical body and full scope of emotions.
  • Men aren’t as careful with their kids as mothers. Probably true. Men tend to love to be more creative with their kids in a rough and tumble way.
  • Men don’t care if kids get hurt. Of course they do but they tend not to hover as much.
  • Men give their kids to the mom when they are crying. Actually no. Fathers tend to be more relaxed about a crying baby but will hand if over to the mother if she is anxious. He doesn’t want to appear to be doing anything wrong. Best advice .. let the baby cry with the father and you’ll notice that they calm down and tend to cry less around him than you because dads don’t worry as much.
  • Dads are messier than moms. Probably. Just make certain he cleans up afterwards.

There are a lot more solo dads then ever before and more stay-at-home dads. Being a great dad isn’t any easier than being a great mom. It’s work with a good kick of pleasure mixed in.

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