Update: August 2019:

The below Give-A-Little Fund-raising is closed. We hope you’ll still support our Trust’s efforts by clicking the above ‘donate’ button and help us grow a global skilled birthing population.

The Concept is global. We need all expectant mothers and fathers to know it is normal and natural that they self-learn birth and coaching skills during pregnancy. Then, skilled families should know it’s normal and natural to use their birth and coaching skills throughout their baby’s birth no matter where birth occurs, who is present or the circumstances.

The pathway is simple. We just need to give each other this message … ‘Become skilled when you’re pregnant and use your skills as you do the activity of birthing your baby’. After all, Birth is about you and your baby! You’ll birth better when you use skills.

Our Trust will help any birth worker to get their clients on board and the ‘best practice’ for following through and experiencing the benefits.

Great News!

New Zealand College Of Midwives has approved our Trust, Common Knowledge Trust, to insert our flyer into the September Midwifery Journal. That’s exciting.

Our Trust can now reach 3500 NZ midwives and offer 100-150 an opportunity to join a 2-year training that is guaranteed to create positive results very rapidly.

How do we know this training will work? Because there is proof.

1961 NZ Brant childbirth study

Andrea’s 2015 stats and presentations

GIVE-A-LITTLE Fundraising

Our Nelson-based Charitable Trust, Common Knowledge, is thrilled to be launching this NZ midwife 2-year training project.

Your generous donation will do two things:

  1. Help us raise the $1800 for printing and insertion costs to be delivered to 3,500 New Zealand midwives
  2. Raise some administrative funds to run this training.


Common Knowledge Trust’s commitment

BTW … Common Knowledge Trust is committed to running this training even if there are no funds. Why?

There is a real risk to our children or grandchildren that our brilliant Midwifery Model of Care will no longer exist as we know it today.

We must strengthen the Midwifery Partnership …. not from the top down via MOH or DHBs but from us, New Zealand expectant families.

We will always have midwives just as we did prior to 1990 but there’s no way the system put in place then will survive. Anyone paying attention knows this.

This training will without a doubt show positive results very rapidly as did the Brant Study and Andrea Vincent’s statistics.

Help us raise the funds

You help every beloved father and mother-to-be have a more positive birth experience and they, in turn, help every midwife by supporting this fundraiser and the training.

Want to investigate the web posts that explain this training further? 

To learn more about this 2.year training and get access to the enrolment and other relevant posts …  Click and start here.