What is most basic about childbirth?

If you’re NOT pregnant you will not give birth.

If you ARE pregnant then you will give birth 100% without a doubt, there’s no way around it, you have to do the activity of birthing your baby and you will remember your baby’s birth throughout your Life.

Birth and pregnancy are connected permanently and forever.

You bring all of your life’s circumstances, issues and situations into your pregnancy. And pregnancy brings new circumstances and issues as does The Birth.

Speaking of The Birth. There are 4 Types of birth:

  1. Labour and then a vaginal delivery.
  2. Labour and then an ‘emergency Caesarean’.
  3. A non-labouring planned Caesarean.
  4. VBAC … vaginal birth after cesarean

If you plan a vaginal delivery after a previous Caesarean (VBAC) then you will end up with one of the above three. No matter whether you are planning a natural birth or a medical one you will have one of these three types of birth.

What do all these 3 births share in common?

It’s quite simple … every birth is an activity. You have to do it. We offer the skills for you to do this activity very well. More than that, you get to enjoy learning these skills during pregnancy. On top of that, you get to help your baby be born by preparing your body to let it out. Then the highlight is your ability to always use your skills in any of those three births. What a great idea!

But there’s more …. your partner gets the skill to help you too and enjoy learning them then using them. Together you can work with your baby’s efforts to be born in whatever birth you have.

You will birth better.

All Birthing Better skills have been developed by hundreds of moms and dads, are now housed in Common Knowledge Trust. All Birthing Better skills are available as online birth classes.