Is your elective or planned non-laboring Caesarean something you want or do you feel it’s being imposed on you by your obstetrician? In some ways how you feel about your coming non-laboring c-section has a huge emotional impact on you. Birthing Better families want to talk to both of you.

We know that there has been a huge rise in non-laboring cesarean deliveries. But there’s something else that has been going on … a division in perception woman-to-woman about childbirth. Presently there is a strong message that natural birth is the better or right birth and a c/s delivery is less of a birth. Birthing Better families want to show both of you how to have an incredibly empowered birth.

Read what some families say about their skilled elective Caesareans.

Thanks to Birthing Better online course full of AMAZING skills, I didn’t have to feel like a piece of meat on the operating table. My husband was brilliant. We did prepare my body even though we knew we weren’t going to labor. It was a hoot! I did the Hip Lift on him in one of the video segments and he was like ‘WOW!’ Then he did it on me and my response was ‘WOW!’ And then we laughed because we could feel how much more mobile my pelvis was from his but because he had felt the change in his body, he absolutely understood mine. We learned all the birth and birth-coaching skills and put them to use on the way to the hospital, while I was prepped and during the surgical birth of our son. Honestly, Birthing Better is the only place to go for skills suited to planned c-sections. No one else is giving you anything. I did some research … sorry for rambling but I can’t praise these skills enough … and found some articles about calm c-sections and took some of the advice but our success wasn’t about what our obstetrician did or how the staff treated us, it was all about the skills we used together. Highly, highly, highly recommend Birthing Better’. 

2016 Jessica, Jamie and 6 week old Jason R 

”My husband and I felt we were missing something because we were planning another elective cesarean. Everything you read is about natural birth. It’s hard to feel like a woman because you’re going to have a cesarean much less our 3rd. Frankly, my husband was like a stone statue throughout the surgery even though he held my hand. I felt lonely and didn’t want that to happen again. Then a friend gave us access to Birthing Better Online Course and there was no looking back. Why were these skills important? First, we actually did spend a short amount of time going over the skills that prepare your body to birth. Doing so helped us heal in a funny way. With a planned cesarean you sort of feeling uninvolved even with your pregnancy. I cried, grieved yet finally felt healed. My husband felt closer to me and our baby. Learning the birth and birth-coaching skills gave us a plan and we even followed directions to make a skills-based Birth Plan that we took with us so that we’d remember to use our skills while our obstetrician, midwives, and staff did everything to me and around us. It’s so easy to become passive while they do their thing. We didn’t want that to happen this time. We recommend this resource to everyone because it helps couples get closer together and there are heaps of skills for any birth’.

2001 Amy and Frank + 3 beautiful children

Your birth and your baby

You know the elective or planned cesarean delivery rates are sky-rocketing BUT you are still giving birth and having your baby. You fall into that statistic which can leave you feeling fine, pissed off, accepting or already traumatised. You may not be able to change your attitude but you can definitely become skilled and rely on your capability to be as involved as any other birthing woman and birth-coaching dad. Pregnant women planning a cesarean delivery are as entitled and deserve a wonderful birth experience as any other pregnant/birthing woman.

Pregnant women choosing an elective c/s birth often feel left out of childbirth preparation but no longer. Birthing Better online birth classes are full of childbirth and birth coaching skills for you and your partner in your elective Cesarean birth because families like yours developed these skills for situations like yours.

We had 2 very medical vaginal births, one home birth that was full of problems and then 2 c/s. I was pregnant with my 6th baby and was being told that having a cesarean based on my medical and birth history would be safer. I don’t know really whether that was right or not. You get older, have lots of kids, feel tired and sometimes you just want pregnancy to be over so I said ‘yes’.  Birthing Better skills gave me the rush I desperately wanted from birthing naturally. Bravo for such a wonderful birth resource’.

2005 Helen, James, Jeremy, Emily, Bobbie, Julius, Angela, and Heather 

My wife always grieved some type of intimacy with me when she lay on the operating table all draped up. My brother gave us the Birthing Better childbirth course. Life-changing for me as a man, husband, and father of two kids. Let me see if I can explain this to other guys. You get a woman pregnant then life changes forever. You go through all her changes trying your best. She goes through thinking about birth, making plans and hoping for the best. Our Birth Plan so th

2007 Henri R 

Here’s the missed reality

Your pregnant body is preparing to labour and have a vaginal birth because a Caesarean is a very modern procedure that does not interfere with the hormonal changes of pregnancy. Your Mind knows you are having a planned, elective or non-laboring Caesarean. This difference is important to understand. Physiologically, emotionally and psychologically every part of you is preparing for the birth of your baby. By using Birthing Better Childbirth Preparation skills you will become fully engaged in preparing for your baby’s birth.

Start about 24 weeks to prepare your pregnant body to become a birthing body. By doing so you become much more actively involved in the rest of your pregnancy. Your partner should become more involved. You’ll both get closer to your baby.

Then learn and practice the Birthing Better birth and birth-coaching skills. Doing so will strengthen your family and prime you to use these skills on way to the hospital while being prepped and during the Caesarean birth. Using birth and birth-coaching skills throughout your baby’s birth journey keeps you totally engaged. Whether you want this non-laboring Cesarean or feel pressured you don’t have to be passive, disconnected and disengaged which happens to too many women at the moment.

‘We loved knowing exactly how to participate in what felt like a very technical and sterile procedure. No one had ever shown us a way to be involved while having a non-laboring c-section. Preparing my body for birth felt wonderful. I felt totally enlightened and uplifted. My husband finally found a way to be involved. The day before our scheduled surgery my husband took off work. We spent the day going over the skills and planned how we would use our skills throughout the next day which we did. I can’t tell you what a difference having these skills made compared to our previous caesarean. It’s so easy to get lost in all the medical procedures and hospitals aren’t particularly inviting no matter how nice the staff and our obstetrician is. With these skills, we absolutely felt that we focused on birthing our son which left us feeling more relaxed in the recovery period and how we bonded with him’

Cheryll and Timothy G

Birthing Better skills were developed by moms and dads in the early 1970s in the US and used by many thousands globally in all types of birth. Birthing Better online birthing classes are housed in Common Knowledge Trust.