Have you ever done this?

When you’ve cut yourself, have you ever taken a few minutes to clean the cut?

Have you only done it once or have you periodically noticed that it’s feeling irritated or sore?

Then, have you gone back and cleaned it again and again until it’s started to heal?

Depending on how serious the cut, cleaning it several times/day becomes essential that it doesn’t fester and really get infected.

That makes common sense, doesn’t it?

Where’s the ‘wound’ if you feel unwell and fear you have COVID-19?

And, in this moment of time, any ‘head cold’ or ‘feeling unwell’ might very well be COVID-19.

Let’s discuss where the ‘wound’ is and the simple things you can do to keep it clean and perhaps reduce the viral load just as you reduced the bacterial load in your cut.

Reducing the load does NOT cure the cut or this virus. Reducing the load does NOT eliminate the cut or the virus. However, cleaning the wounds can reduce the load of virus or bacteria and perhaps and just maybe, you won’t get as sick, sicker or die. Common sense and ‘every little bit helps’ must supersede ‘wait until I see the doctor who will give me something’

However, doing these things MAY reduce the viral load, MAY give people more confidence in dealing with feeling unwell and MAY change the course of this virus in ways yet unknown such as reduce the load of the virus. And, doing these skills follows the advice of doctors, nurses and dentists … ‘keep wounds clean’. The ‘wound’ of this virus is in the back of the throat and nose so keeping those areas clean as soon as you feel unwell and think you might have this virus.
1. Start gargling 3-5x/day with gargle of choice: warm/slightly salty water; dilute lemon juice, mouth wash, over-the-counter
2. Clean the inside of nose with slightly salted water either with Neti pot or snorting 2 drops/nostril 3-5/day
3. Only warming foods and drink. Sip warm water every 20-1 hour if mouth is dry
4. Drink 3 liters of home-made oral rehydration: a little salty/a little sweet (whatever you want to use). Drink more if mouth is dry
5. Suck herbal lozenges when needed
6. Fresh ginger warm drinks
7. If chilled use hot water bottle or glass bottle filled with hot water wrapped in towel
8. If you have zinc take that daily
9. Hot shower every evening
10. Any signs of oppression in chest with shortness of breath put a small amount of Vicks up your nose, block one nostril and breathe into that side of lung until you feel that strong odour has penetrated. Do the other side. My experience is that this virus does not like strong odours. I felt much better after doing that and my breathing improved (yes, I have had this virus)
11. Of course add anything else you want on top of those things.
New Zealand research being done on head lice medication that has killed several viruses such as dengue
no-sew mask … Goodness, masks may or may not prevent you from catching this virus, however, they do help you not spread the viral load and they do stop you from transmitting the virus from your hands to your face as easily.
We SHOULD NOT WAIT until ‘they’ supply them. This is nuts. We are capable human beings who should not lack common sense skills.